Do Goals REALLY Matter for Success? Sort of…

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

How important is go our goals I think They're extremely important but I think We have to look at goals in a different Way so I just want to give you a Different light today [Music] [Applause] So when you think of your goals that is The number one thing everybody talks About so many times in life People think goals Um will solve everything and it's a part Of it right it's a part of it we know if You ever saw that 50-year Harvard study Do you know there's only one common Denominator between a 50-year study Of the most successful people from Harvard did you ever see that study the Only common thread of the most Successful people in Harvard no matter What ethnic background where they came From if they were rich or they were poor If they got great grades or Shady grades You know the only common factor of the Most successful people at Harvard was They set goals So how important is go our goals I think They're extremely important But I think we have to look at goals in A different way so I just want to give You a different light today you if you Know anything about me you know I always Talk about instead of setting a goal Looking forward

Right let's pretend it is one year from Today and we're back here celebrating And it was the best year of your life That's the framework in which I would Love for you guys to look through Setting your goals instead of looking Forward through a busy life Look Backwards at the best year of your life And what had to happen when I say Look Backwards and pretend it's the best year Of your life but your brain will Automatically go is oh yeah I want to be Making more money I want some more Freedom oh I want to lose that 10 pounds Oh I want to get the intimacy back in my Relationship that still I want to be Really I know it sounds like I'm Splitting hairs You're still looking forward of what you Wish could happen I've trained my brain over the last two Decades that when I do this exercise and We have to do it right here when you do This exercise it's not about looking What you hope to happen It's about saying it already happened And how do you feel looking backwards Meaning put yourself in that spot and if It's visualization if it's a little Quiet time if it's reflecting if it's Why you take a walk if it's in your Shower when you're meditating whatever It is picture it like I literally I Literally can spend time thinking about

Where I'm going to be in a year from now And I can literally get goosebumps and I Can feel it as if it exists right now You know people talk about manifesting And all it is manifesting you got to do The work it's not about just dreaming And hope it happens I'm not a believer In that a lot of people say you set the Intention the universe will deliver you have to set it up and you Actually have to do the work you can't Just say ah I'd like to have a million Dollars in my bank account let me go Back to my old habits of surfing on the Internet and watching Netflix and hope That million dollars shows up no we Gotta we gotta do the work so we'll get A little deeper but the first thing is Is we must have that compelling future Of our own design and for me I literally Can put myself in this place And I remember writing down okay this is What Mastermind has to look like and I Remember writing down 100 miles and oh We're going to do a big launch and we're Going to call it the knowledge business Blueprint and I remember writing it down And I was writing down as if it already Happened I literally if you could see The hair on my arms it's standing up Right here because I can visualize Because I've been practicing this for so Long that I visualize it and I see it That is a great practice then once we

See it then the part that I think has to Happen as soon as I was done visualizing I didn't go done I dreamed it up no then I got my ass to work like who do I need To learn from to do this who do I have To model what patterns of successful People who've already done this that I Could model and do in teaching this and Then I started making the list of what I Had to get done so that fantasy could Become a reality this might sound like This is what everybody does but do we we All agreed if we eat better and work out More we'd be in better shape but most of Us want to be in better shape but we Don't eat better and we don't work out More so a lot of us want to be next Level successful and we're looking for Something else magically to come along And it's not gonna we have to visualize What it is we want to be and if it was The best year of Our Lives we have to Get as detailed as possible remember Fuzzy targets don't get hit Don't just say I want to be a coach Making a million dollars a year what Does that mean what kind of Coach how Many coaching sessions how many clients Do you need listen if you said I want to Be a coach and I want to make a million Dollars a year and you're sitting with Me And I was Consulting for you I'd reverse Engineer it how many people how much do

You make per person right if you say I Can make you know uh it's ten thousand Dollars a year per person okay so that Means you need 100 clients okay you need A hundred clients over 12 months it's Going to take you first month you might Only get five so if you get five the First month and then the second month is Seven and the third month is is 20. how Many do you need to get I would lay out All right first month five second month 12 third month I need 22 and I'd have a Freaking goal every month on how I could Get there and nothing would stop me I Would go back to what I teach you guys I'd know my why I'd have my compelling Future I already visualized it I knew How I feel once I made a million dollars Being a coach I know how I would Visualize how the people I'm coaching's Lives would change I would think about If I'm saving marriages or helping People eat better or learn how to sell Or learn how to go vegan or or a million Other things I would think about the Lives I'm changing and I would literally Craft the plan saying okay a million Dollars As a coach okay I need a hundred clients That's an average of 10-ish eightish a Month right whatever that is I might not get as many the first ones So I got to stack up the other months And then I'd say okay what is my plan to

Get the first five in January and I Would craft the plan to get my five ten Thousand dollar coaching sessions in January and that would be my whole Obsession and if I got four well I Got to get an extra one in February if I Got six I'm like I'm ahead of the game Let's bust it in February and let's keep This little cushion that I have Right I just want to tell you I'm not Trying to say the way I do is perfect But I meet so many people that set goals And then dabble and hope it's like even If you have the recipe you gotta cook The meal there's no one coming over to Do it so I'm not trying to oversimplify This [Music] Foreign [Music]

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