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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

I started my professional life in Financial services as a Financial Consultant which was a fancy way of Saying that I sold Financial products For a financial company I did really Well at that as a young man but what was Even more exciting was the emphasis that The company placed on personal Development And so the company insisted that even Though we were self-employed And that we you know we had to make what We could have the opportunity they Insisted that we read inspirational Motivational and educational books So as a teenager I was reading Jim Rohn I was reading Zig Ziglar I was reading The success Classics Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill and the Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vince appeal And then beyond the success Classics we Were compelled to attend seminars and Listen to gurus and Masters teach us About sales and marketing and about Generating leads and about even even Just the art of winning friends and Influencing people creating rapid Rapport and winning people over the Power of persuasion making presentations I was being introduced to all of that as A teenager and so when I went into the Ministry I kind of brought all those Skill sets with me And and I applied them to Ministry and

So at a very early age I was pastoring one of London's fastest Growing churches And I was just using a lot of the Principles that I had gleaned from some Of these Masters I I think what I noted More than anything else is that they Were all you know classic success Philosophy Was effectively a fusion of theology And psychology to produce a philosophy Of success people like Robert Allen had Written the book you know as a man Thinketh And of course it was a book on Psychology but it was based on Theology And the end result was a philosophy of Success And then as time went on I noted that a Lot of the theology was being taken out Of the philosophy of success and so what We had was a Godless success philosophy And that never sat very well with me and Decided that what we might go ahead and Do is just reclaim the space because It's our space and I think the Bible Tells the story of a people who started With every conceivable social and Economic disadvantage slavery right you See the the house of Jacob that the House of Israel are enslaved in Egypt And yet from that position God begins Speaking into their Consciousness about A land flowing with milk and honey about

Becoming the head and not the tale about Being above only and not beneath about About houses you didn't build and Vineyards you didn't plant in Wells that You didn't dig and God's saying I'm Going to give it all to you But you have to survive the journey And in order to survive the journey You're gonna have to move to new levels Of Faith because the faith it takes to Get out of Egypt is not going to keep You through the Wilderness and the faith That keeps you through the Wilderness is Not going to get you into the promised Land so you have to keep on building Your faith to new levels and according To your faith you're going to be able to Transition From Slavery to Mastery from Being a tenant in Egypt to being a Landlord in Canaan and of course the the Jewish people or the descendants of Abraham Isaac and Jacob certainly under King David and Solomon you know became The Envy of the Nations I mean all of The kings of all of the Gentile kingdoms Paid an annual subscription to King Solomon simply to sit and hear his Wisdom and I think that is the biblical Basis for the coaching industry that Fundamentally there is a wisdom that Makes you wealthy there is a there is a Wisdom that overcomes adversity and Obstacles and it's worth paying for Because ultimately you know value that

Is not valued Is not valuable Say it again and value that's not valued Is not valuable that simply means that When you pay for something you make an Internal subconscious contract with Yourself to follow through on the Information that you've received and Outs and outside of that internal Contract you know the infamous it's Optional as to what you're going to do With it if you pay for it actually You've decided you're going to listen Carefully you're going to take the notes And you're going to follow through and So this was Solomon's idea he said look I'll show you how I became the richest Man in the world but you're going to Play an annual subscription for that and That's perhaps the basis of the coaching Industry so I think that the story of People coming from slavery to Mastery That's ours we own that that's our Ancestors that's our spiritual Heritage And I am not content for a philosophy of Success to be Godless I think our philosophy of success should Be full of God and full of biblical Principles and Kingdom Concepts and this Is ours and I guess we're we're at the Dawn of a revolution in which Traditional Christianity and historic Christianity is colliding with with the Kingdom the culture of the kingdom and

We're having to make a decision about Whether whether the whole thing is about Getting out of here and going to heaven Or whether it's about thy kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven so I guess you know I inherited a Theology that said look this world is Not my home I'm a stranger here I'm a Pilgrim I'm just a passing through and So the idea was you live as detached as You possibly can from the world because You know you're gonna get out of here But I don't really see Jesus promoting a An evacuation mentality All right I don't see him promoting an Imminent evacuation instead he taught us To pray that the kingdom would come so This is not about me going to heaven as Much as it is bringing Heaven to Earth And like I said this morning God is Standing by his original intention which Means that he is going to get what he Wanted in the beginning and what he Wanted was Heaven on Earth and therefore He's going to get just that and best Thing we could do when we discover the Purpose of God is align our plans with His purpose because it is I have found That it is much easier to do what God is Blessing than to ask God to bless what You're doing All right it's much easier to ask to do What God is blessing than to spend weeks Months years

Asking God to bless what you're doing if You'll do what he's blessing then what You're doing is already blessed and so God is standing by his purpose I've Decided to align align all of my plans With his purpose and subsequently the Power of Heaven is available to me the Power of Heaven is backing me because God is not really it's not that he's Backing me he's backing his purpose and All we've done is aligned our plans to His purpose You're a wonderful audience already are We having fun okay so you know I never Preach a long sermon by the way It's my introduction that takes all the Time But I'm I'm going to make to you the Same promise and pledge that King Henry VII made to his many wives When he said I will not keep you too Long Okay uh uh but but I can also assure you That my preaching and my teaching is Never As Long As It Seems [Music] Okay I'm just checking your humor Quotient because you're going to need a Human quotion to work with me all right Because half of what I say is is jokes Even though there's there's some good Truth in better than the jokes all right So I'm going to go very deep uh tonight And and and I'm hoping that we've got

Our thinking caps on and that we're Ready to think on a very profound level Because I'm gonna share some things that Are quite profound and they may not come As Revelation they may simply come as a Confirmation because I actually don't Think that God is ever saying anything To you that he hasn't already said Within you And what happens is you resonate with Things that you hear they make sense to You because that is profound spiritual Level you've already heard them That makes sense it's kind of why we Like people straight away and we Resonate we we connect with people Straight away I do I have a biblically studious Audience in front of me tonight do I do I so I guess I can tell you a little Story out of the Kings How that uh Elijah Basically called for a famine over the Kingdom of Ahab and Jezebel perhaps the Darkest period in Israel's history uh Was the result of a marriage between King Ahab and a sidonian princess called Jezebel and as the result of that Covenant uh it opened the door for a lot Of demonic activity Darkness idolatry to Prevail in Israel the prophets of God Were outlawed they were being hunted Down they were being murdered it was a Very dark period and Elijah called for a

Famine over the land and he said there Will be no rain except I say so all Right y'all remember that story okay but Careful what you wish for okay cause if There's no rain then the prophet has to Find something to eat and so God said to Him okay look go down to the brook karif There's water in the brook right and I've commanded the Ravens to feed you There now I love that that because God Didn't say I've commanded the Ravens to Feed you he said I've commanded the Ravens to feed you there in other words I have sent the Ravens to an address I'm now sending you to that address And if you are in the right place at the Right time you're going to be sustained He then says to Elijah go to Zarephath Because I've commanded a widow to Sustain you Interesting Elijah gets there meets a widow baking a Cake for herself and her son And if God had said to me okay I've Commanded this person to feed you I Would at least expect That the person was expecting or Anticipating my arrival But when Elijah showed up the Widow Didn't know nothing about it Okay God has said I've commanded I've Commanded the Widow to feed you but he Shows up and the Widow knows nothing About it but when Elijah says to her

Okay look bake me a cake first She complied because something in his Voice resonated with something that was Already inside of her because the Commandment of God was not made to her Conscious mind but it was made to her Spiritual Essence and because she had Received it spiritually she recognized She resonated with an opportunity to be Of service and so I think that we're Going to go very deep tonight and are You happy to go deep You sure you don't mind careful what you Wish for we are going deep because I'm Going to speak about I'm going to start Tonight and I hopefully will take it to Another level tomorrow night but I'm Going to start tonight on something that I call spiritual intelligence For entrepreneurs Spiritual intelligence For entrepreneurs so I might as well Test the pen now And uh And and and see how we go okay so this Is Spiritual Intelligence Four Entrepreneurs Now If you cannot read my writing Join the club Okay we already have something in common

All right But we're we're gonna get spiritual Intelligence For entrepreneurs there are Three intelligences that are known to Give you an advantage in business All right And it's accepted in virtually all Schools of business Theory And philosophy there are three that give You an advantage okay now let me Define Them before you before you define them As I write them okay so the first is Academic Okay so academic Intel so the idea is Uh Not that you have academic Qualifications but do you have the Ability To grasp quickly a new idea Or to comprehend something that is Complex or complicated If you can quickly grasp a new idea or Comprehend something that is complicated This will give you an advantage in Business Specifically because The terrain is changing all the time Because new tools make old models Obsolete All right so what we call a disruptive Innovation is one that basically Makes obsolete the old model and of

Course you're all familiar with Uber Right Uber it was considered a Disruptive business model Um because it made obsolete it's Certainly in our country the minicab and The taxi industry uh because people were Able to order a car to wherever they Were they didn't have to stand on the Street waiting and hoping they could Order the car to wherever they were and This meant that the taxis suffered the Minicab offices suffered uh what about Amazon Amazon has perhaps been one of The most disruptive business models okay Because we're able now what has made Amazon Airbnb uh or Uber effective is Disruptive technology right so the the Digital Revolution the app it has Basically changed the business landscape But it has only changed it for people Who possess a degree of academic Intelligence in that they can quickly Grasp a new idea and they can quickly They can comprehend something that is Complicated so of course there's some People who are still way back in the Past simply because they won't even find The courage to try to use apps That makes sense okay so academic Intelligence is known to give you an Advantage in business the second one is Emotional intelligence So this gives you an advantage in Business because success you know is a

Jagged line it's not a straight line Okay you are sometimes going to take two Steps forward and one step back all Right any person that's honest about the Success Journey will say that they've Had their share of disappointments Frustrations let Downs setbacks they've Had you know people sabotage reject Oppose they've had to deal with Criticism they've had to deal with Allegation they've had to deal with Issues that would typically talk the Average person out of continuing in Business right so people quit sometimes Because they're not emotionally Intelligent enough to get back up and to Keep going I think it's Winston Churchill who said that success comes to The people who are able to fail over and Over again without losing their Enthusiasm All right and that ability is an Intelligence it's an emotional Intelligence where you are aware of how You're feeling you are aware of the State or the mood that you are in and You're able to think about your thoughts As an objective Observer And you're able to say actually that Mood is not good it's not productive It's not empowering it's not helpful and You're able to further say to yourself Actually you need to change that state Before you get on that stage

And then of course there are other Skills that come out of that in terms of Your ability to coach others emotionally And to get them in the right mood and Frame of mind so academic intelligence Will give you an advantage emotional Intelligence will give you an ad how Many agree with that by the way yeah Okay so here's the third one and it's Called relational Or social intelligence So so these are the people According to Dale Carnegie Who can win friends And Influence People No one will go along with you if they Cannot get along with you All right so this is about developing an Attractive and Magnetic Personality So that your personal brand is magnetic And you know you're the kind of person That people want to know And there are some skills that go with That that emanate from that intelligence Such as creating rapid Rapport you know There's certain people who create Rapport with you very very quickly They're right now when I say certain People I think there's a model there's a Living model in this room of what I call Relational intelligence and he's sitting Over Yonder okay it's impossible to not Like this person and that right now I'm Speaking of the one Myron golden it's

Impossible to not like him he's magnetic He's charismatic he has charm and he Knows how to very quickly lower your Defenses let you know that you're safe That right but a lot of this is skill That you develop sometimes unconsciously Over a period of time but what is clear Is that if you are relationally Intelligent that will give you an Advantage in business because ultimately All business is about people That right you're not in business if You're not and people say I'm not a People person well you're definitely not An entrepreneur either Okay because that's what we do we Service people we identify their needs Their problems their aspirations their Issues and we service them and so Relational intelligence is very very Important however There is a root intelligence okay a root Intelligence what I sometimes think of As the Forgotten intelligence and and It's not that it's been forgotten it has Been omitted all right the difference Between being uneducated and being Miseducated All right if you're uneducated you're Ignorant of a truth or a fact or a body Of information but if you are Miseducated you've been deliberately Misled And truths have been hidden from you or

Obscured or you have been forced to Focus on something in an attempt to hide Something else And so perhaps my best-selling book of All time is as a book called The Miseducation of the masses right forward By Les Brown and you know I was inspired To write that book after reading the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G Woodson who made an observation about How emancipated Negroes were educated After the Civil War and he noted that They were taught lots of interesting Things but they were not taught anything That would Empower them to become owners To become independent to become wealthy And that these subjects Were Somehow Missing from the curriculum I looked at Our modern education system I looked at Its roots like how compulsory State Education came into being and I found Out That actually it was initially an Instrument for social control it was a Weapon of mass instruction It was initially modeled In what was Prussia By King Wilhelm Frederick Who had suffered huge losses in the Napoleonic Wars so that his army was Depleted and he thought well how am I Going to control my population with a Depleted Army he said here's what we do We take all the children and make them

Compulsory attend our schools And we'll teach them unwavering loyalty And obedience to the king Which was the objective in education was Obedience think about it you were not Rewarded or punished for your Intelligence you were rewarded or Punished for your obedience And then in the industrial revolution The model was incorporated into the United Kingdom and into the U.S and the Objective was to generate Voluntary slaves oh help me now Which is why The school mirrored the factory floor The Bell Was already in the factory All right and so the idea was that the School would be a factory that would Mass produce workers Who would work for a basic living it the Idea was the mass production of workers It was not the empowerment of children Or of a generation it was the mass Production of a Workforce so the point And the prize in education was that you Got a good job And you were told that if you don't do Well here you won't get a good job and Therefore you won't survive the Implication was you cannot survive Without a job Right And think about it I didn't think I was

Going to go here tonight but think about It What profession In life anywhere Requires you to have the ability To concentrate on Maths for 30 minutes Then forget it and concentrate on English for 30 minutes then forget it And concentrate on geography for 30 Minutes then forget it and concentrate On physics for 30 minutes then forget it And concentrate on a foreign language For 30 minutes that is called brain Washing Because there is no profession that will Require that ability Yeah I'm in trouble But that's I tend to be quite Comfortable in that space so So the secular Sciences don't even acknowledge the root Intelligence And the reason they don't acknowledge The root intelligence is they don't Believe in the trichotomy of a human Being That a human being is three parts Spirit soul and body They think about the body and the soul But I'm going to take you on a journey And explain the difference between Spirit soul and body Because a lot of what we are Doing is emanating from the soulish

Realm And omitting where your true Intelligence lies the three Part Man Genesis 2 verse 7. So here's what it reads and the Lord God Formed man from the dust of the ground And so say his body And breathed into his nostrils the Breath Hebrew ruach Spirit of Life Everyone say spirit And Man became a living Soul say soul We have here in one verse the body The spirit and the soul And The soul comes into being as the result Of the spirit which is the Breath of God Entering the physical form that is Adam And if you separate the spirit from the Body what does the Bible say the body Without the spirit is dead But when the spirit is united with the Body Then the body the person becomes a Living Soul which is best understood as Mind a living mind a living mind is the Result of a union between the spirit and The body Genesis 2 verse 7 Psalm 146 verse 4. Psalm 146 verse 4 says his breath goeth Forth in other words his breath leaves

Him that's his Spirit leaves him He returns to his Earth that's his body And in that very day his thoughts perish His soul His breath leaves him his body goes to The Earth and in that day his thoughts Perish Now that's scary because If your thoughts perish Then and your spirit goes to God Then how are you going to know anything To say oh thank thank you Lord you know I'm you know how are you going to be With him this day in paradise if on the Day that you die your thoughts perish Well the suggestion is that at a Spiritual level you already know things That have not yet entered into your mind You had to have had knowledge at a Spiritual level if your physical Thoughts perish and yet you are With God All right okay let me give you another One first Thessalonians 5 23 and the Very God of Peace sanctify you holy Completely I pray God your whole spirit and soul And body be preserved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ So there it is the three-part man spirit Soul and body let's say it together Spirit Soul and body Okay because I want you to keep these Scriptures in your memory because we're

Going to go pretty pretty deep tonight How many of you can see just from those Three passages that we exist in parts we Literally exist in parts And what I want you to notice Is that there is a part of you That was created And there are parts of you That were formed Oh this is thee Genesis 1 God created But in Genesis 2 God formed Do not confuse your Creation with your Formation Do not confuse your Creation with your Formation Because if you confuse the part of you That God created with the part of you That was formed you're going to identify With a lower version of yourself And when you identify with the lowest Version of yourself you cannot perform At the highest level So What do I mean Creation and form let's how many Familiar with the passage in Jeremiah 1 Where God says Jeremiah before I Informed you in the belly I knew you And before you came out of the womb I Sanctified and ordained you a prophet to The Nations So that Jeremiah existed in God Before his father met his mother

And the Jeremiah that God is speaking to Is the Jeremiah that he knew before he Was formed in the belly Hence God can give Jeremiah a Monumental Mission Which for Jeremiah is incompatible with His age his education his ability and Yet God is speaking to him like he was Born for this God is speaking to his higher self To who he is in essence Not what he became in form Can we go deeper Are you sure Careful what you wish for Because this is all the introduction by The way and we're just getting started Okay so each part of you is A center of Consciousness everyone says Center of consciousness Okay what that means is That through the body you are World Conscious And each of your consciousnesses connect You with a world so through the body you Are World conscious and you can connect With the physical world that's your five Senses that allow you to connect to and Relate with the physical world because Your body is a center of Consciousness Okay so I'm gonna put this down here World Through the soul you are Self-conscious

And through the body you are World Conscious that word says conscious even The scriggle Like I said in the beginning for the Newcomers if you can't read my writing Join the club We have something in common these are Hieroglyphic symbols Getting back to Our Roots here [Laughter] Okay so I'm World conscious through my Body but I'm self-conscious through the Soul Through the mind Which is made up of two parts the Conscious and the subconscious With my conscious mind I think conscious Thoughts we are listening to each other And engaging with with each other at a Conscious level But the subconscious mind is a thought Storage system In which all your thoughts are carefully Stored When I say all your thoughts I mean Everything you've ever been taught Everything you've ever experienced and Any environment you've ever been exposed To it is all stored neatly at a Subconscious level in your thought Storage system And what we call a memory is really the Recall of a stored thought If you want to if you want an

Illustration of the power of your Subconscious here goes are you ready for This What is your phone number What did you have to do when I said Phone number You had to go in because it wasn't in Your Consciousness till I said it you Had to go into the thought storage System and retrieve it People say they have a bad memory this Is not true You have poor methods of recalling Stored information you have forgotten Nothing You haven't forgotten the smell of your First school meal You haven't forgotten anything Every experience in stored which is why You can't trust The soulless realm and the soulless part Of a man why Because It stored your education it stored your Experiences it stored your environment But your education may have been wrong It's still stored Your experiences may have been bad it's Still stored the environment you were Raised in may have been very toxic and Totally dysfunctional and utterly Abnormal but is still stored And because it's all still there you Cannot get rid of it it is there at a

Subconscious level Sometimes unwillingly Things Trigger Or bring back something you would rather Forget That makes sense That's the soulish realm That's the arena of spiritual warfare According to uh Paul he says the weapons Of our Warfare are not carnal but they Are Mighty through God to the pulling Down of strongholds where are the Strongholds he said casting down Imaginations and every High thing that Exalts itself against the knowledge of God so whatever is going on in your mind That's contradicting the knowledge of God that is fundamentally a spiritual Stronghold And you know strongholds they're not Built overnight They start with a suggestion The suggestion if entertained becomes a Scenario And the scenario if viewed long enough Becomes a stronghold Now you have a belief in your mind that Is contrary to the knowledge of God And this is all happening in your Soulish Realm That's the battle the battle for the Mind and that's why in fact You know Salvation is not a one-time

Experience you know there's a process Involved that that Transformation is the result of Renewing Your Mind Oh I really want to talk about renewing The mind and that's it's very very Important I might do it tomorrow night With the soul you are self-conscious but With the spirit You are God conscious And it is your spiritual Essence that Connects you To [Music] The Limitless The boundless Realm of God Your body was formed by a biological Process And the state of your soul was formed by A sociological process But your spirit was created By God And it is at that level that you are Godlike It is that part of you that's God see When we tell people that they are Godlike they straight away start looking In the wrong mirror See you can hear that you're Godlike all Day you can say you're the people could Tell you're the image and the likeness Of God all day

But you're checking in with the wrong Mirror can I give you the three mirrors You must not look in to find out who you Are The first mirror that can never tell you Who you are Is the physical mirror Because all the physical mirror Can she says mirror right just forget it That's what it says The first the physical mirror can only Reflect your physical body And you are much more than your physical Body So you'll never figure out who you are Looking in the physical mirror You actually you know you'll never know The part of you that is great By looking in the physical mirror Because all the physical mirror can Reflect to you is your body which is Only one part of you and your body is The smallest part of you it's the house In which spirit and soul are living So if you see a house You know It's just a house until you meet the Occupants Wrong mirror you'll never figure out who You are By looking in that mirror are you ready For the next mirror Circumstance Okay that's exactly what it says if you

Look in the mirror of circumstance What what is your circumstance Exactly what it says right If you look in the mirror of Circumstance what is your circumstances Circumstance is the circle in which you Are standing so you're going to look at Your health you're going to look at your Wealth you're going to look at All of these features of your life to Figure out who you are Wrong mirror because where you are in Life doesn't tell anyone who you are in Life Oh I need to say that again Where you are right now doesn't tell me Who you are Blessed people go through bad places And some of God's best have had seasons In prison And if you were to look at Joseph in Prison and try to figure out from his Circumstance who he is you would have Made a mistake Blessed people have been in Lion's dens Blessed people have been in fiery Furnaces blessed people have wandered Through wildernesses blessed people have Even been hung on an Old Rugged Cross Between two thieves But you can't look at the circumstance To determine who the person is And you must never allow your Circumstance

To Define you only to refine you My circumstances must refine me but they Must never Define me Um That was good Do not confuse your identity with your Address My address is where I am my identity is Who I am Wrong mirror Third wrong mirror we look into it's Called other people's opinions That's the wrong way you know when God Tells you that when God tells you that You're his image and his likeness don't Look for confirmation To the left or to the right Because half of those people are Miseducated misinformed And competing with you They've embraced doctrines of scarcity And feel like if you're winning they're Losing And they feel like they can get up by Pulling you down And so you get critics you get haters You know you get detractors Uh the minute you start trying to do Something It's their opinions now I kind of could Spend two hours on the opinion thing Because I think that's it's important But I'm not going to spend two hours on It

Your opinion of me is not the truth of Me because your knowledge of me is Limited You don't know me And I don't know you so whatever opinion I have of you Is probably wrong So if you're going to know yourself You don't look in those mirrors there's One mirror you need to look into that is The word The word and I'm going to put the word Right up here again The Bible tells you who you really are And the sooner you know who you really Are Rejecting the body image information Rejecting the circumstantial information Rejecting the opinions of others Information and embracing who you really Are You are now stepping into a new level of Consciousness And you are now able to think thoughts That other people Do not think so God wants you to identify with the part Of you that he made And when I say identify with it I mean to utilize the power of the two Most powerful creative productive Industrious entrepreneurial words in the Whole English language The two words are I am

Yeah because I am now speaks to your Identity I am speaks to your essence I am doesn't speak to circumstance it Speaks to the truth of you I am And incidentally God identifies himself As the I am that I am And when Moses said well who shall I say Sent me God says tell Pharaoh that I am has sent You to him I am Well that's difficult because it seems Like an incomplete statement Seem like there should be something on The end of that And I love it Because it's open-ended So I'm going to take the statement a Little further I am that let's pause there I am that Now now now when you get a vision Of your destiny As a creator of value Of solutions Of breakthroughs of Deliverance And you stop and say I am that Now what's happening is you're beginning To identify with the part of you that God made And if there's something called fatherly Pride it happens when you hear your Children

Identifying greatness within themselves I am that I am Let's try it here tonight let's try it Let's try it on the zoom I'm gonna I'm Gonna call out some words and I want to Hear your response are you ready Prosperous Unstoppable Courageous Victorious Abundant Enough What happens now when you start tapping Into your I am That I am that not in ego but in essence you Have to differentiate between who you Are in person and who you are in Principle In principle I am that in essence I am That at a core level I am that Even though In person and in ego there are things I Am unlearning there's a journey that I Am on there are struggles Issues challenges I'm having to deal With doesn't take a that's all where I Am it doesn't tell anyone who I am who I Am is that I'm a king in the kingdom of God Because Jesus is not the king of slaves And servants he is the king of other Kings

He has a royal family and I am that And I was born to Reign to rule over a Realm it is my Birthright to have Dominion and to dominate a domain it is My purpose And you're now you're you're now Speaking not from your circumstance You're you're speaking from your Revelation Of your hunus Now the Hebrews took the name of God so Seriously That When writing when scribes wrote the Ancient texts They would replace The sacred name of God Which is called the tetragrammaton the Name of four letters which translates to I am that I am They would replace it With Adonai Lord Which is why if you if you actually Still have a actual physical Bible You'll see the Lord in capital letters That That was put in out of respect for the Sacred name of God Because they were afraid of taking the Lord's name in vain Because one of The Commandments said God will not hold him Guiltless Who takes his name in vain in other Words there will be a negative

Consequence There will be a repercussion to misusing The name of God What was the name again I am Oh so there will be a negative Consequence To misusing the words I am Like if I'm gonna be afraid of something I should be afraid of attaching to the Words I am anything that is incompatible With the nature of God Because if I do that I've taken his name In vain And there will be a negative Repercussion So even if you are weak Let the weak say I am strong Don't say that Because you're messing with God's name Even if you are circumstantially poor Let the poor say I am This is now identifying With who I am in essence How much time do I have left by the way Oh really oh really alrighty then All right is this making sense so far I Want everyone to make me feel at Homeless in in in here right now and Those of you on Zoom to put your hands Together and and thank God for this word It's good Good

All right Okay so I am convinced that there is a Forgotten intelligence it's the root Intelligence and it is the intelligence That Informs all the other intelligences Enables the other intelligences and Facilitates the other intelligences and It is your spiritual intelligence And so as much as I value the academic And the emotional and the relational I am learning To listen Well I need to say it again I'm learning To listen to the part of me that God Made Because the part of me that God made is Afraid of nothing Oh come on now The part of me that God made doesn't Know any limits And doesn't respect boundaries Because that part of me was not only Made by God It was made from God Because your breath Into the nostrils Is pouring out of yourself Into the ceramic that was Adam God was breathing out of himself So there's a part of me that was made By God From God For God we'll say it again by God

From God For God at a biological level Children are made by their parents From their parents Does that make sense And at the spiritual level your Spiritual Essence which is the real you The real you if you want to know who you Really are okay you are a spirit You have a soul you live in a body Most people that think they've met you Haven't met the real you The real you is the spiritual Essence That has a soul and that lives in your Body and every now and again you meet Someone and you can feel the energy The love the radiance of their being you Ever been in that situation where you Meet someone and there your defenses are Lowered straight away because you're Actually feeling out of them something That you can only describe as spiritual Meeting that part of you Is it's it's revolutionary to start with Okay that's a revolution all by itself Learning to listen to that part of you Is transformational all right I'm gonna Go into this quite deep Gideon is one of my favorite Old Testament characters Gideon Was hiding from the midianites his enemy And an angel addressed him as follows The Lord is with you

You mighty man of Valor The angel is not lying to him The angel is speaking to the part of him That God made Not the part of him that reflects his Sociology Part of him that God made the Lord is With you you mighty man of Valor And Gideon argues well if the Lord is With us why is all this happening where Are all his miracles God says you'll save Israel me He says my father's house is the least In Manasseh One of the tribes but not just one of The tribes actually not just one of the Tribes That's right I have I have a gift like That falling falling off as a gift part Of this is dramatized servants right Not just One of the tribes Some of you will know the story Jacob Has his sons Joseph is the special son Joseph goes to Egypt and Joseph has two boys in Egypt Manasseh is the oldest and frame is the Youngest But when Joseph asked his father Jacob To bless his two sons He positioned them As the oldest at the right hand And the youngest at the left So that Manasseh was to get the special

Blessing And Ephraim a lesser blessing And Jacob Because of his experience Right Crossed his hands And he gave the greater blessing to Ephraim and a lesser blessing to Manasseh so when Gideon said My father's house is the least in Manasseh he was saying actually my Father's house is the least in the Lowest of all the tribes We at the bottom of the bottom And then he concludes and I am the least In my father's house So this is not now the bottom of the pan This is under the pan that is now baked I am the bottom of the boss God says go in this your might your Might you will deliver Israel God is not lying to him and God is not Lying to you when he tells you about the Size of the Enterprise you are getting Ready to build Whoa he he's not lying to you when he Speaks greatness into you when when when He speaks When God speaks millions and billions Into your mind he's not lying to you He is speaking to the part of you that He made because that part of you Is fearless Courageous

Ambitious actually it has it has what I Call the god Gene and divine DNA which Means that there's a part of you that is Omnipotent To you to your assignment not omnipotent In any thing but in the thing you were Created for you are the most powerful Entity in your world your omnipotent in Your field You're omniscient you know Exactly what to do next at a spiritual Level Even if it hasn't yet entered your mind You know it So that when it's suggested to you it Resonates with you And you are in some strange way Omnipresent When it comes to your domain God is not lying to you And what I'm going to tell you to do Right now Is not asking you to lie It's asking you to agree with the truth Because there is a difference Whew Why am I enjoying this so much There is a difference Between the truth And the facts the truth is always a fact But the facts are not always true Because facts are physical But truth is spiritual And because the truth is spiritual

It belongs to a higher Realm It is a higher Court And the truth Can overrule a fact That's what a miracle is It is the temporary suspension of a Natural law That has been overruled by a higher Court So it's a fact That if you throw human beings into a Furnace Their skin is going to burn But this was not true for three Hebrew Boys It's a fact that hungry Lions will eat You If given the opportunity But this was not true for Daniel And therefore There will come a point in your life When you have to decide Whether you are going to agree with the Facts or you're going to believe the Truth You think you're ready for this Because this is going to happen Repeatedly in your life Facts are going to come up against the Truth And you're going to have to decide Whether you're going to agree with the Facts or stand with the truth and it Will happen at each new level of your

Elevation as an entrepreneur The facts are going to challenge the Truth And you're going to have to say let God Be true And every man a liar So The story of Jacob And his His Blessing his inheriting the Birthright it always posed problems for Me Because I studied the Bible in a very Particular way I'm curious I asked the pages questions I asked the characters questions as if They were there now I'm not delusional It's just a study method right And I wondered why it is That Jacob could obtain the birthright By deceit And God Back him up And say from now on I am the god Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob That one there Who dressed up in fur And lied to his blind father Pretending to be Esau Conspired with his mother Rebecca to Obtain the birthright by deceit

And yet God says Jacob have I loved I got issues with Esau I love Jacob That's my boy I'm struggling with that Because it just didn't seem to fit So I had to revisit the story And here's what I found I found that when Rebecca was pregnant With Esau and Jacob God told her Two nations are in your womb And the Elder will serve the younger So in her mind The blessed one Is the younger When they were born Esau came out first But Jacob Was attached to his heel Right Which in the in the tradition Unless there was a gap Between the two You couldn't actually determine who was First born This was a this was a bit of a cultural Idiom that unless there was born born You couldn't Clearly say So in her mind That second one that's the one So she builds a relationship with him in Which she is convincing him

You are the one that God has chosen To inherit the birthright And the mantle of leadership for this Family and the family of Faith moving Forward you are the one Now society says no you're not the one The facts say you are not the one Says you are the one so she's like the Preacher Telling someone who is sociologically Disadvantaged That you are the one God has chosen To build something monumental In terms of a business and Enterprise a Value-add system you are the one So He goes further and says I'm going to Show you how to get it You ready for this She says first of all Jacob You need To believe that you're the one Believe it I am the one I am the one I am the one God has chosen it says now you need to Act like you are the one What do you mean well the one would go Out hunt get and make soup and Everything else so you do that you start Acting Like you are the one that God has chosen What the one does So she says I'll help you I'll make the Soup

I'll make the soup you're going to bring It into your father because that's what The one would do You want to act like you're the one She said but Jacob is not enough to act Like you're the one go get some fur put It on your arms because you need to feel Like you are the one Okay so you need to start acting Act like you're the one and then you Need to feel like you are the one Oh my gosh how many ever got that Million dollar feeling I feel I feel so You know see you know when you're about To break through because you start Feeling it Start feeling it I can feel you you can Feel it you start to feel like you're The one He says and listen your father's gonna Draw you near so you need to smell like You are the one oh my gosh you need to You need to believe you're the one act Like it feel like it and smell like it What are you doing now you're you're You're siding with the truth against the Facts He says go into your father Isaac he is Blind So he's gonna feel you he's gonna smell You he's blind you know what Isaac Represents Isaac represents principles Because principles are blind to Personalities

A principle is not looking at your Personality It's blind to person It's looking For something else go before Isaac Present He presents it Isaac feels it no you Feel like he saw Covenant you smell like Esau Tell me are you Esau Now here's what Jacob heard Jacob heard Are you the one that is worthy of the Birthright Are you the one that is worthy of the Blessing are you the one that God chose To inherit this role are you the one And Jacob said he didn't say I am esor He said I am I am And Isaac released the blessing to him And God stood by it because actually the Facts were against Jacob but the truth Was on his side And every now and again You have to Act like feel like Smell like and behave like you are the One God has chosen for what is next and When you're asked are you the one you Have to say I am Because that's coming out of your Spiritual Essence is this making sense Is this good so far because once you

Accept that there's a part of you that Is Godlike that is fearless that is bold That is courageous that is supremely Creative Innovative smart wise every now And again we tap into it we're like oh That was so smart I'm so glad I did that But it's almost accidental that we tap Into this greater part of ourselves and Every now and again we're in a seminar And we're reminded of who we are well It's beyond locating Your Spiritual essence It's now learning to listen Learning to listen So I feel like I've got probably like 20 Minutes right So I'm gonna go crazy in 20 minutes okay Just like I'm just gonna say crazy stuff Because I feel the Liberty to say crazy Stuff in this environment because this You know you know what the world has Seen What cities look like When Wicked people have all the money But they are yet to see what a city will Look like When godly people come on now who are Kings of their thing are using their Gifts for the service and upliftment of Humanity they are yet to see what Wealthy Believers really look like and We are the generation that God has

Chosen for that One say yes we Am going to share with you something That I personally did and I I needed to Do it because I needed to locate The best version of me And I needed to learn how to listen to The best part of me the part of me that God made and the part of me that is Smart Part of me that's just unique Unstoppable I had to find that person Dr Myron I've got a feeling you're gonna love This piece right I went on A 40-day Fast Now I know what's happening you're Looking at me Now you're saying no you didn't Bishop [Music] Yeah he's really speaking out of his Spiritual Essence right now [Laughter] And you're right it wasn't the food fast It wasn't the Food Fest I went on a 40-day Media fast No news You know why Because the news Is not only a weapon of mass instruction It is a form of slave indoctrination

Why because what is promoted Fundamentally Is Lock and shortage Limits as to how far you can go And uncertainty about your future And if you absorb a daily diet of lack Limitation and uncertainty you cannot Even listen to the part of you that God Made because at a soulless level you're Battling the sense of lack you start Believing the shortage in the world you Start believing there's limits as to how Far you can go and you start believing That whatever you you do it might not Work out because the future is uncertain Was it cut out all the media Is making sense to anyone And by the way if you do this you will Probably never go back You will simply on a need to know basis But as a general rule you will re it Will be so liberating You will realize that actually there's a Part of you that doesn't believe in lack That doesn't believe in limitation and That doesn't see the future as uncertain And that's the part of you you're going To learn to listen to Because you simply cannot take action in The direction of your destiny while you Are in being indoctrinated as a slave Not only was I not allowed to consume Any media I was not allowed to engage

Any negative conversation Okay So you're gonna fast negative people Said I'm gonna Thank you very much I've got to go We'll catch up When it came to social media Only what was necessary to do my Business And some things that I subscribe to that Feed some positives So the reality was not only did I have To fast those things I had to Intentionally consume Inspirational Motivational And educational content Daily Books videos Audios Training Let me tell you what happens to you if For 40 days You cut out the negativity and become Intentional about feeding your faith You're going to tap into a side of you That is gigantic You're going to tap into the Limitless You're going to tap into the boundless And you're going to begin to think Things that you wouldn't otherwise have Thought and you will find Solutions and Innovations that you otherwise never Would you'll find the courage of your

Convictions to follow through on a Course of action even if it's unpopular You're going to do it because your mind Is being renewed Does this make sense All right you guys are totally fantastic I think if I start on the next thing we Don't leave here tonight at all we have To come back tomorrow night because I Want to give you a biblical Business blueprint On tomorrow night and take it to another Level have you enjoyed it tonight All right [Applause] I mentioned this but I'm not it's not Really available tonight right But it might be tomorrow what do you Think It might even be available tonight who Knows what do you think So there's the book spiritual Intelligence for entrepreneurs There is the course which is spiritual Intelligence at work but this comes with A ton of videos of me teaching this in Detail And Not only was I not allowed to Consume any media I was not allowed to Engage any negative conversation You're going to fast negative people Said I'm gonna Thank you very much I've got to go We'll catch up when it came to social

Media Only what was necessary to do my Business And some things that I subscribe to that Feed some positives So the reality was not only did I have To fast those things I had to Intentionally consume Inspirational Motivational And educational content Daily Books videos Training Let me tell you what happens to you if For 40 days You cut out the negativity and become Intentional about feeding your faith You're going to tap into a side of you That is gigantic You're going to tap into the Limitless You're going to tap into the boundless And you're going to begin to think Things that you wouldn't otherwise have Thought and you will find Solutions and Innovations that you otherwise never Would you'll find the courage of your Convictions to follow through on a Course of action even if it's unpopular You're going to do it because your mind Is being renewed This make sense All right you guys are totally fantastic I think if I start on the next thing we

Don't leave here tonight at all we have To come back tomorrow night because I Want to give you a biblical Business blueprint On tomorrow night and take it to another Level have you enjoyed it tonight There are three things really that is The objective of this body of work it is To locate it is to listen to and to Leverage the part of you that God made If you can locate it listen to it and Leverage it I think one of the biggest Contracts in my business life Occurred as the result of getting in a Lift With a gentleman An elevator is what I'm talking about Saw you I saw you I saw the blank My translator An elevator And simply knowing This was a Divine appointment not an Accident And simply initiating A conversation Translated To a world an entire world of Opportunity possibility productivity Increase influence and income Huge But it was the sense that I knew I have to talk to this person Now what's happening there is I'm Learning to listen to that part of me

That God made So not hiding in the corner anymore Waiting for someone to come up and say Hi I'm walking into a room realizing that If I'm in this room something's in this Room for me And I'm here for someone someone's here For me let's just meet and greet until It happens So that's the objective of it all Dr Myron golden it's been a pleasure Bless you all I'll see you tomorrow Night we'll do some more God bless

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