Build Your Confidence with These 3 Things

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Where’s your energy right now uh energy Doesn’t come from a cup of coffee energy Doesn’t come from food energy comes Within [Music] You know how many times have you been Doing something you didn’t like and then Someone says hey do you want to go do I Watch this with kids right my son can be Like ah Dad I’m bored I’m a little tired I’m like you want to go outside and play Basketball heck yeah let’s go do it Let’s play horse I’m gonna beat you Immediately as energy went through the Roof I didn’t feed him anything I didn’t Give him any coffee I didn’t give him a Speed pill or a Red Bull I just changed What was that and his energy immediately Changed guess what that energy lives in Us it’s always there We just have to tap into it and what I’d Say just start practicing tapping into That energy just like be doing something In your house or at work and just say Right now I’m going to crank up the Energy and you can think about what You’re cool at you think about your State change your physiology change your Words do what it takes to like Snap into A different place and watch the Confidence go up watch it go up Immediately and watch your energy go up Again I I do it as like little tricks to Myself I’ll find myself low on energy

I’m like create some right now just make It and the more you do it the more you Train yourself like going to a gym right You know go to a gym once and work out And come out ripped you got to go to the Gym all the time where in your life can More confidence take you to another Level where and more can more confidence Give you a breakthrough if that’s the Case they need to watch this again and You need to go through these exercises And you need to find that confidence to Just go for it to just do it it is Better to try and fail than to sit on The sidelines sitting on the sidelines You know when you talk to older people You watch you read all these articles And magazines when you talk to somebody Older in your life they’re always Regretting and the things they didn’t Take action on lack of confidence will Keep you right where you are routines Help build confidence right so there’s a Million things I could talk about when It comes to confidence how you have to Be courageous that means taking action Courageous is just doing it’s jumping Out of the plane and hoping that shoot Opens right you need to be courageous Then you need to gain the capabilities Right you need to learn from people Playing at a higher level you’re here You’re learning the right stuff then you Got to be committed nothing works

Without commitment I mean diets don’t Work relationships don’t we gotta commit Right so when you when you have the Courage the capabilities and the Commitment that’s when confidence ends Up showing up the four C’s I go deep on That in my book but what also helps that Is a little hack is routines right so You want to know the best way for me to Kill my confidence in a day is to wake Up and roll over and check my email Yes I have so many businesses going on One of those emails is not going to be Great so if I want to ruin my confidence For a day I roll over and I’ll check my Email Oh man I got to deal with that today Okay I’ll be all right like I’m gonna Talk myself out of it you want to know How I can Definitively know I’ll have more Confidence in a day is I put my phone on Airplane mode and I don’t touch it I Don’t look at it until I go work out Until I think of some things I’m Grateful for until I green drink my Green drink with some oils in it if I do Those things and then I practice a Little gratitude I set my day up for Just confidence so sometimes routines Can be your hack to be fine again use Anything in your power to find a way to Gain confidence hacks are fine as long As you’re doing it you guys have

Headspace I used it this morning go grab the app Headspace I’m not the best at meditating There’s a lot of different meditations There’s a good video Um my buddy Brendan burchard if you go To YouTube and Google Brendan burchard Meditation he’s got a great video the Release Technique it’s about just saying The word release over and over and it’s What I love about it is he kind of walks You through it and then plays this Killer music and I think he got that Music from Jack Canfield somebody it’s Great music it’s a perfect state so you Do that or try headspace it’s just a 10 Minute meditation each day kind of walks You through and I think the app’s free Unless you want to upgrade and it’s like Seven bucks a month so it’s it’s been um Uh really cool meditation meditation Seems hard I know it does because I’ve Been meditation and yoga have been on my List of making it part of my life for Like years and it’s still not I do yoga Maybe once a month I meditate probably Once or twice a week I’d love to be that Person that meditates every day but Things like headspace things like Brendan’s meditation that you could see On YouTube those things if we slowly do It you could see if you’re not Personally meditates when you meditate You get these glimpses like I’m too busy

My frontal lobe is just burning up all These thoughts and then all of a sudden Once in a while a new one will come into Place or once in a while you’ll have This moment where there’s nothing there And it could be 30 seconds it could be Two minutes could be five minutes could Be five seconds and when you do you see What meditation is all about you your Body goes into your subconscious your Frontal lobe doesn’t have all this crazy Stuff going on there’s just this piece And if I meditate for 10 15 minutes and I have two minutes three minutes that Are like that I’m rejuvenated I feel Like a completely different person it’s Crazy and same with yoga [Music]

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