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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here I am Here at skillionaire HQ got my my folks Out here in the audience say something To them make some noise my peeps okay so We're gonna um today we're gonna talk About audience building 101 so how do You build an audience that was a Question that came from somebody in the Audience today how do you build an Audience and then she said don't say YouTube so I'm not I'm gonna say YouTube But it's not gonna be it's not gonna be Only YouTube the first thing you want to Do is Select Select the audience you want to build What does that mean so you select an Audience you decide who you can help and How you can help them I know this can be Hard for y'all to believe but most Entrepreneurs when they get started the Hardest thing for them to do is decide Who they're going to help and how They're going to help them because what They say and by the way if you say this If you right now on YouTube are saying This you are making a mistake because They say oh what I have is good for Everybody anything that's good for Everybody is also good for nobody right So what you want to do is you want to Make sure you select an audience how do I know what audience to select well the Audience needs to be large enough To be targeted right so it needs to be

Large enough To be targeted then they need to have a Problem They'd be willing to pay to solve Right not just a problem but a problem May be willing to pay to solve then they Need to be findable On a platform so what's the platform and I it just depends here's the mistake Most people make they start their Business in here well I just want to Teach people how to XYZ nobody cares I Just want to tell my story nobody cares About your story your mom maybe cares About your story but she don't want to Hear about it she just saw it watched it Happen it wasn't that interesting to her Then she was just hoping her baby was Going to be okay right so you want to Make sure that your business does this Idea doesn't start in here it has to Start out here and what I like to tell People is when you're starting a Business don't think of the marketplace Think from the marketplace you let the Market tell you what business to start So somebody said to me one time I was at A restaurant I was doing some work they Said excuse me sir yes how can I help You are you in sales I am what do you Sell it depends and I said it depends What do you want to buy Because I only want to sell things that People want to buy and I only want to

Sell things that a large number of People want to buy that have a big Problem they'd be willing to pay to Solve does that make sense okay so you Want to First select the audience after You select the audience then number two Is you seek Someone who already has that audience so They already you want to seek someone Who's already got influence over that Audience And then you want to create a solution They don't have Or just select somebody you have a Solution they don't have So what does that mean I'm going to say This probably for the eleventy Thousandth time right eleventy thousand That's I just made that number up okay So for the 110 000th time thinking is The hardest work most people never do And I promise you you will make more Money if you spend less time working at What's not working and thinking about What would work So hopefully I'll track it so you seek Somebody who already has your audience And then You partner with them Now what does that mean You partner with them what does partner With that mean it means you do some kind Of joint venture thing with them one of The reasons we have done I don't I don't

Know how much money I've done in my Career but over 25 million dollars for Sure Okay so which is fairly significant Right we have not spent a hundred Thousand dollars on Advertising since I've been in business and I've been in Business since I was 25 and now I'm at Least 26. no I'm I'm 30 I'm 30. no what Am I I'm 30 plus 31. okay so I'm 61. so I've in in 37 years 30 36 and a half Years I've not spent a hundred thousand Dollars total on advertising and I'm not Saying that advertising doesn't work it Apparently does work but if it doesn't Work organically it's not going to work That well when you throw money at it Figure out whether you're on whether Your offer is good or not how can you Tell if your offer is good if people say Yes to it right so you partner with People and then what you do after you Partner with them you siphon Their audience siphon to you you siphon Their audience to you how do you do that So How do you build an audience we're not Going to talk about YouTube I'm going to Talk let's talk about Instagram here's What I would do if I didn't have an Audience I would find influencers that Had As many Followers as I have or more

And I would Send them an inbox message as many inbox Messages per day as I could send and I Would say hey I've got an offer I would like to share with your audience Can I pay you to do that Right and how do you pay them well you Can either pay them a flat fee or you Can pay them an affiliate Commission Right so I want you to think about this So there's a very very big podcaster Like he's got a huge podcast right And he charges ten thousand dollars to Be on his podcast Okay so that's another way you can grow Your audience right like my audience my YouTube audience grew when I got on this Person's podcast In uh seven months let me see Um August September October November December January February Um March in eight months our audience Our YouTube audience grew by 5 000 with No new videos just because I was on this Other person's podcast I Got 5 000 YouTube subscribers because I was on somebody else's podcast are Y'all tracking now he charges ten Thousand dollars to be on his podcast he Didn't charge me ten thousand dollars to Be on this podcast but guess what I've Paid him more money than anybody who's Paid him ten thousand dollars to be on This podcast why because I made him an

Affiliate of the offer that I made when I was on his podcast and I would pay him 50 of all the sales I made Right so I want you to think about this And I paid this dude tens of thousands Of dollars I think his first commission Was either 14 000 or 17 000 his first Commission check after the first time After the first interview and we send Him money every month he's one of our Top Affiliates every single month Because we did those podcasts months and Months ago does that make sense okay so Wrap your mind around that so you want To siphon Their audience off to you and Then you want to send that audience so Um see you want to send that audience To an opt-in funnel So you want to send them to an opt-in Funnel so what does that mean you want To send them somewhere where you can Collect their name their email address And their phone number or just their Name and their email address you want to Send them to an opt-in funnel a funnel That says hey to get my free whatever Blah blah blah click here right and so See you wanna you wanna send them to an Opt-in funnel and then The other thing you want to do like I Said seek someone so what could you do When you seek this person well you could Be on their podcast One of my favorite things to do

Is you can be on their podcast or you Could go live on Instagram this is my Favorite like you want a big cash influx We do depending on what I'm promoting we Do anywhere from three thousand to eight Thousand dollars every time I go live on Instagram Now Myron but that's different you have A hundred and forty something thousand Powers I do but I was making money on Instagram when I went live even before I Had all those followers because what I Would do is I'd have other influencers Who had followers come on and when they Come on to my live their followers get Notified And then their followers come on and Follow me and then I make the offer and I promote their affiliate link Right so like you could do this all day Like you could literally do five joint Instagram lives a day you'll build your Audience so fast it would make your head Spin Like people I don't have anybody sell my Stuff well you don't have anybody to Sell your stuff to because you haven't Done these things and then after you put Them on your list you seek someone to Partner with and then the last thing you Do is you send community Service Content What is community service content

Community service content is the kind of Content that you're getting right now It's kind of content that's worth paying For but you're giving it to them for Free Are y'all tracking so community service Is my YouTube channel community service Is my Facebook page community service Content is the content that I put on my Instagram it's it's content that has Value but you don't make them pay for it Are y'all tracking now how much Community service content should I send You should send 10 pieces of community Service content for every one offer So for every offer you send you should Send 10 you should have 10 pieces of Community service content we wrap your Mind around what I just said and most People what they do is they have 10 Offers for every one piece of community Service content so nobody believes you Because you don't have Good Will in the Marketplace but when you have Goodwill In the marketplace and you're teaching People content without them having to Spend send you money then and only then Are they going to be happy to pay you For something I've got people commenting On MAR on this YouTube channel right Here Oh I made 250 000 just from the stuff I Learned on your YouTube videos what do You think people are going to think it

Doesn't have to be 250 000 what do they Make twenty five hundred dollars would It make twenty five thousand dollars What if they make what if they make Um ten thousand dollars just from some Free stuff you know what they're gonna Do they're gonna come to you and they're Gonna say oh I made so much money from This free stuff I can't imagine how much Money I'm gonna make if I paid And maybe your thing's not making money Maybe your thing's weight loss help People lose weight before they pay you And most people think well if I help Them too much with my free stuff then They're not going to want to pay me Because I'm or worse yet if I help them Too much for my free stuff I won't have Anything left well if you won't have Anything left you need to go back to School and when I say go back to school I'm not talking about to college I mean You need to put your face in the books You need to get to those seminars you Need to get to start learning the stuff You don't know yet Jordan Peterson I'm Going to end on this has a video it's Like five seven minutes something like That on how to be more articulate on YouTube and on that video he said one of The things he said is if you want to be More articulate know 10 times more about Your subject than you have time to give That's that's like next level stuff

Right there so if you do these three Things this is audience building 101 you Could build an audience of 10 or 20 000 People doing these things in the next 30 Days You have an audience of 10 or 20 000 People if you have if you have an email List 10 or 20 000 people you should make At least one dollar per name on your Email list every month So hopefully that's measurable enough For you to figure out that this stuff That I just showed you is worth doing Thank you for watching thank you for Subscribing thank you for liking thank You for sharing thank you for turning on The notification Bell I'm always asking People to do that might as well thank The people who've already done it so Thanks my peeps in the meantime in Between time stay blessed by the best Peace out Cub Scouts

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