Black People In Jesus’ Genealogy

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here and Uh on this week's Bible study I want to Talk to you about the subject was Jesus Black right there's a lot of people who Say Jesus was white in fact uh when I Did the first video Um on the racism of the Bible and what The Bible says about racism or whatever It was called for the first Black History Month which I don't even Like that term but if I don't use it Then nobody knows what I'm talking about Um the um there was some guy who said That Jesus was a blonde haired blue eyed Blah blah blah like bro you need to go Read the Bible and stop looking at Pictures and Idols right Um so before I even talk about before I Even begin to answer the question uh was Jesus black I think I need to answer This question and that is Um why is it important to talk about Whether or not he was black Okay and I think it's important to talk About whether or not he was black Because Um if if Jesus If the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus That has been purported to black people Historically in the United States of America and around the world Um By white people historically I'm not

Talking about all white people I'm not Talking about all black people so I'm Going to clarify that Um then that Jesus Is a part of the Would be a part of the oppressive regime Now when I say the oppressive regime I'm Not saying that all white people are Oppressive that's that's obvious that's Obviously not the case Um but I I'm saying white people Historically as a historical fact Historically white people in the United States of America have oppressed black People that's a historic fact Um and Um however Um Yeah Black people don't have to be victims Because you can't be a victim unless you Make yourself a victim somebody else Can't make you a victim you have to own That Identity or should I say you have To own that identity and so we're just Going to read the genealogy of Jesus uh It's it's really we're going to read the Genealogy genealogy of Jesus and see who The people were that were there now if We're going to do that we have to Understand a couple of things first and Foremost I think that from God's Perspective whether or not Jesus was Black or white or Asian Hispanic is from

God's perspective is totally irrelevant Except for as it relates to the people That he loves who believe that the Bible Has no place for them because it's been Purported that Jesus was white and this White Bible they call it the Bible's White man's book which is not Um a few things could be further from The truth Um but if if indeed if indeed that was The case God only cares about it so he Under so God only cares about it to the Degree that we understand what it's Actually saying right Um the whole idea that whether a Person's skin color is the most defining Or most important characteristic of Their humanity is a lie that was created By the construct of racism right so so If I think that my value comes from me Being black for instance I believe that Because My ancestors were programmed to believe That they were less important because They were black So your importance doesn't come from the Color of your skin it's just black white Or otherwise it doesn't brown tan Whatever your the value of your human Existence does not come from that the Value of your human existence comes from The fact that you're made in the image Of God and so as I'm going to read the Genealogy of Jesus from The Book of

Matthew and the Book of Luke And point out some things that maybe you Knew maybe you didn't know about uh People who are apparently descendants of Of Um of ham in the genealogy of Christ Right as I'm going to point that out to You I think I have to say In the beginning that it's far more far More important than the fact that black People or that Jesus had black genes is That black people have Jesus genes That's way more important and white People have Jesus genes and and Asian People and Hispanic people and all the People on earth have Jesus now when I Say Jesus jeans I mean God's genes it's Like the the fact that we all have God's Genes shows us that God is Multicultural In his own nature Right God is multifaceted I shouldn't Say Multicultural he's multifaceted he's One culture his culture is the culture Of the kingdom of heaven but God is Multifaceted and he's diverse in what is Beautiful to him and if he's diverse and What's beautiful him I have to be Diverse and what's beautiful to me so so So black people are beautiful to me and White people are beautiful to me and Asian people are beautiful to me and Hispanic people are beautiful to me and They're all beautiful to me because They're all made in the image of God I

Have to start there now when we read Like some of you may Wonder like when I Read the gospels as they're called The Gospel of Matthew the Gospel of Mark the Gospel of Luke the Gospel of John why Are the genealogies different Well in order for someone to be a king In order for someone to Reign on a Throne in Israel then their ancestors Had to come from David Okay so so if they didn't if their Ancestors didn't come from David then if Their ancestors didn't come from David Then their ancestors then they're not They have no legal right to the throne Okay so understand that Matthew presents Christ as a king The Book of Matthew Presents Christ as a king The Book of Mark presents Christ as a Servant which is by the way just that by Itself should be a beautiful picture for Us because Christ is the servant King Right the Book of Luke presents Christ As the son of man The Book of John presents Christ as the Son of God Why is all of that important because the Genealogy Uh in Matthew presenting him as the king Takes the genealogy of Christ back to Abraham through David From Mary's line Joseph was not married Joseph okay so That so presenting Christ as a king so

It goes back to the line of David Through uh I mean back to Abraham Through David from Mary's side Um Mark does not show a genealogy at all Why a servant doesn't need a genealogy It doesn't matter where they came from It only matters why they're here and They're here to serve and when you read That's why you get exhausted when you're Reading the book of Mark right it says And immediately he did this and Straightway did that and fourth one he Did this and like by the time I get done To chapter one I need to go take a break Right because it just shows what he did He did this he did that he did this he Did that he did this he did that so we Have to understand why they're giving us Different aspects of this one called Christ The Book of Luke shows Christ as the son Of man and even though Joseph wasn't his Physical father he was his legal father So Joseph also his lineage had to go Back through David Okay and going back through David he Went all the way back to Adam not just Back to Abraham because the Book of Luke Is showing Christ as the son of man and Adam was the first man The Book of John shows no lineage at all It just says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word Was with God and the same was in the

Beginning with God and all things were Made by him without him was not anything Made that was made Right and the word and the Bible talks About the fact that in him was the light Of men And I mean in him was the light and the Light was the life the in him was the Life and the life was the light of men And the light shined in darkness and Darkness comprehended it not it's so Amazing that after thousands of years The darkness still can't comprehend the Light And so While as followers of Christ we need to Stand for the things that we believe and We need to we need to speak up for the Things that we believe we can't be Overly surprised when darkness people Who have their minds bent on darkness And evil can't get it Now we're supposed to present it to them Regardless but we're not supposed to be Emotionally involved and we're not Supposed to be like get all emotional Really worked up and and ramped up and Angry and irritated because they don't Get it So well they don't get it they're the People who don't get it yet right they Don't get it it's it is what it is okay So So I'm gonna read

Um the genealogy of Jesus I'm going to Show you the descendants of ham I'm going to show you the descendants of Ham and if you want to know really why That like why this is so important go Back and look at the video I did last Week Um and you'll see okay So here we go Uh Matthew chapter one The Book of the Generation of Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham okay Why is the son of David Son of Abraham Important because this is a covenant Relationship this is a covenant Promise By the way Abraham is fascinatingly Enough Um Abraham the name Abraham means father Of many nations it doesn't mean father Of one nation means father of many Nations that's what the name Abraham Means the name David means beloved so He's showing even in Matthew chapter 1 He's showing Father Abraham beloved Son David that's what which is a typology of Father God son Jesus Christ you all Track him okay Abraham you got Isaac and Isaac we got Jacob and Jacob we got Judas and his Brethren and Judas we got Pharaohs and Zara of thamar and Ferris Begot ezerman Ezra be got Aaron arum and Aaron minidab and aminadabby got naison And Nathan we got Solomon and Solomon be Got Boaz of Rahab boom Rahab who's Rahab

She was a Canaanite Rahab was a Canaanite who were the Canaanites they were the descendants of Ham Canaan was the son So you you talk about you talk about People talking about the curse for him First of all we talked about that Already there was no personal Noah never Cursed him Noah pronounced a curse that Would be on Canaan but even with the Curse on Kanan one of kanan's Descendants shows up in the lineage of Christ which means shows us that Christ Is greater than any curse Okay So uh Solomon we got Boaz a Rahab what Does that mean Rahab was boaz's Mother What Happened Rahab the Harlot Rahab The Prostitute Rahab the she was the Father the mother of Boaz who's Boaz Boaz is the Kinsmen Redeemer in the Book Of Ruth what what is this Is anybody else's hair stand up on their Arms like this is this is this is Another level y'all I love the fact that God uses people we know are flawed in The lineage of Christ why because those Are the only people he has to choose From We're all flawed And we walk around act like we ain't Flawed it only other people are flawed But that's our biggest flaw

So quit tripping okay So then it says Boaz we got Obed of Ruth And Obed begot Jesse Jesse Now who in the world is this man named Jesse this is David's Daddy Which means they David's like it's in the Bible David's I Mean I want to make sure I'm saying this Right so Obed of Ruth oh baby got Jesse So Ruth was uh Jesse's grandmother By the way who was Ruth she was a Moabitus Another black woman Yeah Ruth so now we got we got we got The great grandmother Of David and the great great grandmother Of David and they're both black I'm not I'm not reading anything in this I'm just reading out of the Bible Okay why is this important because black People need to know they have a place in Scripture and their place is not just Slavery in fact there's no place in the Bible that it says the place of black People is slavery it's not a Biblical Concept that was a construct that people Misinterpreted and misused the Bible to Continue to promote their lie Okay So we're going to read on And then Jesse be at David the king And David the king begot Solomon of her That had been the wife of Uriah wait a Minute here comes another one the wife

Of Uriah who was Uriah Uriah the what he Was the what Hittite what is the hittite another Descendant of Canaan So now David whose great grandma whose Grandmama was black and I mean his great Grandma was his great-grandmama was Black and his great great grandma was Black now he has a son named Solomon to A woman Who was the wife of a hittite And her name is Bathsheba or bait Sheba What is bait daughter sheba Black The the Sheba is a descendant of kush By the way let me say it again I said it Earlier I'm gonna say it again The reason I'm telling you this it's yes It's important if it were not important That Jesus had blacked it like black Jeans if it weren't important God Wouldn't put it in the Bible Right but it's more important that black People have Jesus genes I'm gonna keep Saying that Because like the most valuable thing About me is not my beautiful dark skin That's not the most it's not the most Important thing about me it's not even Like the second or third or fourth most Important thing about me it just happens To be a thing about me Right and I don't want to make that the Thing that is the thing that I get all

Of my value from I get my the only the Only reason I can celebrate that I have Black skin because it's mine is what God Gave me and so he ain't messing nothing Up and if you've got white skin you Should celebrate that and if you have Asian skin you should celebrate that and You got hispanic skin whatever that is Because I didn't know skin could speak Languages but anyway you got hispanic Skin like you should celebrate that why Because regardless of the tone of your Skin all tones came from God But it is it it's it's fascinating Because I don't want you to buy into the LIE Okay I don't have time to go there I Don't have time I don't want you to buy Into the lie that the Bible's a white Man's book And Jesus and Christian is white man's Religion Okay So let's keep it moving And Jessica got David the king and David Begat Solomon Solomon Solomon of her That had been the wife of Uriah and Solomon begot uh reboom and reboomme got To buy it and be got ASA and ASAP got Josephat josephat we got Jordan we got Ozais and those last we got Joe and Jonathan began Ezekius and ezekius be got Manassas and Manassas we got Ammon and we got Josiah

Jeconias and his brothers about the time They were carried away to Babylon and After they were brought to Babylon jecon We got to buy it and the Bible you gotta Like them and like them we got Azor and Azer we got zaida consider we got Akeem And they can be got elid um We got Jacob and Jacob you got Joseph The husband of Mary Oh okay so Joseph sorry Mary's lineage Is the one in in Luke Joseph's lineage Is the one in Matthew Um begat Joseph the husband of Mary of Whom was born Christ there's Christ's Legal right to the throne so all the Generations from David from Abraham to David are 14 generations and Um from David unto the carrying away of Babylon are 14 generations and from the Caring way of Babylon into Chrysler 14 Generation why is it important that There were 14 Generations because Christ Is the deliverer and 14 is the number of Deliverance Okay so that's the lineage of Christ With Joseph That's Joseph's ancestry got some black Folks up in there okay just Something to notice In case you missed it Okay let's look at Luke chapter three The genealogy of Christ in Luke chapter 3. Um

And it says In verse 23 and Jesus himself be uh Began to be about 30 years of age being As it was supposed as it was supposed The son of Joseph which is the son of Hileo Which the son of Matthias the son of Levi which um the son of Malachi was Born under Janna the son of Joseph which The son of Matthias and the son of Amos And of naom and of Nam and the son of Esley The son of Nay the son of nagay the son Of mayeth and the son of Matthias and The son of salami semi semi I the Whatever okay Which was the son of Joseph the son of Judah the son of Jonah the son of Risha The son of zerubbabel the son of Salathio the son of Nero the son of Milka Adai uh the son of kosam the son Of Al-modem the son of UR the son of Joseph The son of eliaser the son of Jordan the Son of matthi the son of Levi the son of Simeon the son of Judah the son of Joseph which was of Jonah and eliakim The son of Malaya the son of man and the Son of Matthias the son of Nathan which Was the son of David The son of Jesse the son of Obed which Was the son of Boaz Sorry which was the son of Solomon uh The son of Nathan and aminidad and the

Sons of Aram and ezram and Pharaohs Which Judah uh was the son of Judah and Jacob and Abraham Jacob and the son of Isaac which was the son of Abram Abraham Which is the son of Thayer which is the Son of nakor which is the son of Saruk The son of raghua the son of palak the Son of Hebrew the son of Selah which was The son of Canon which is the son of Arfaxad the son of sem which is the son Of Noe the son of lamech the son of Methuselah the son of Enoch the son of Jared the son of malalia the son of Canaan Canaan the son of Enos the son of Seth which was the son of Adam which was The son of God okay so let's go back to Adam Adam was made of the Dust of the ground Scientists believe by the way this is Like you can go do this research Yourself you don't have to take my word For it Um there are scientists who believe that Because of how the gene pool works You can have uh Um in order to have children with Melanin In Their Skin you have to have Melanin in your skin Right so it's it's From a scientific perspective if that's True and I believe it is from a Scientific perspective if that's true Adam and Eve could not have been white

Because if they were there would be no Black people on the Earth there would be No darker skinned people on the Earth it Couldn't have like they couldn't have Been White Furthermore Noah And Mrs Noah Either one of them at least one of them Had to be black Because if there's no melanin you can Have no melanin so people with melanin Can have babies without melanin But people without melanin cannot have Babies with melanin it's just it's just Science Now I'm going to say this I think it's It's sad and in fortuitous That people Have been made to feel less than because Of some external component over which They had no control and even if they did They probably would change it I have to Speak for myself okay right and I hope That's true about you regardless of your Skin tone but the reality is the reality Is it's in fortuitous that we missed the Point That man has made in the image of God Men and women that's what it says and God created man in his own image in the Image of God created he him male and Female created he them men and women

From all nations from all people groups With all kinds of skin tones and all Kinds of hair textures and all kinds of Facial features Um were all made in the image of God And see the problem Comes Not when we're made in the image of God But when we try to make God in our image That's where the problem starts and so I Look in the mirror and I say well I'm White so therefore God must be white And I'm going to make pictures of God Which by the way the second second Commandment says you shall have no Graven image right so like like pictures Of Christ black white Asian Hispanic or otherwise pictures of Christ are a form of idolatry I can't believe you said that I don't Believe it because he did The reality is this If we understand the nature and the Character And the intention of God We would behave Differently and better towards all People Why because that's what the scripture Commands of us Jesus himself here's what He said to They came and tried to trick him Right they came and these were the Lawyers the doctors of the law they

Thought they thought we got him now Master Which is the great the first and great Commandment oh he said oh that's easy I Thought you were gonna ask me something Hard Jesus said the first and great Commandment is this love the Lord your God with all your heart all your mind All your soul and the second is now I Want you to notice this part like unto It The second commandment is like the first What is the second commandment Thou Shalt love thy neighbor as yourself Who's a neighbor somebody who's close to Me somebody who walks past me on the Street let me ask you a question Uh well probably some of y'all the Answer is gonna be no right like but if You walk past somebody do you want to Speak to you Yeah some people don't keeping it real Everybody don't want somebody to speak To some people just want people to leave Them alone how you doing this morning Did you think he was a bear oh how about You I thought you was a person right Like I can't walk past a human being And not say not salute The god-likeness in them they're made in The image of the same God I made it they Are part of my human family We all came from the same mother and

Same father First father first mother first father Adam and Eve second mother second father Noah and Mrs Noah Right we all came like why are we Tripping Here's why because we feel insecure Because we don't understand who we are Based on Whose we are if we understood Who we are based on Whose we are I Wouldn't need to feel Superior to you in Order to feel important Like I don't have to be better than you In fact I know for a fact I have never met a person that I am Intrinsically better than And I've also never met a person that's Intrinsically better than me I've met people who have more money than Me they ain't better than me I met People who have less money than me they Ain't worse they ain't worse they have No less intrinsic value than me I met People who are darker than me they're no Worse or better than me I met people who Are lighter to me they're no worse or Delight worse or better than me Here's the reality get your identity From the one who is the ultimate Identity the I am that I am get your Identity from him Don't let don't let Society give you Your identity don't let Media give you Your identity don't let politics give

You your identity don't let don't let Culture give you your identity don't let Racism give you your identity don't let Any of those things give your identity Let your identity come from the word of God and let what's important about you Be what God says is important about you I believe that one of the like one of The reasons people like try so hard to Be superior because they bought into the Identity Like you have to already feel less than In order to try to make yourself feel More than because you're trying to Compensate for something So this this conversation is so Fascinating to me So you have this identity in other words Somebody lied to you what is a identity It's all the things you believe you're Not For whatever reasons you believe you're Not them it's all the things that you Are that you believe you're not that is Your identity And so you go through life attempting to Overcompensate for your identity with Your my identity what's your my identity Your my identity is the identity that You try to create to overcome the Identity both are a waste of time why Don't you just own your identity I am Made in the image of God and let that be Enough

What's fascinating to me and I'm going To end on this because we're talking About the genealogy of Christ here's What's fascinating to me A lot of times Black people feel like we have to go we Have to agree with somebody because They're black people right And then white people judge black people For going along with black people just Because they're black people but we Didn't come up with that idea right we Didn't come up with the idea that having The same skin color makes us the same That that was already purported upon us Are y'all tracking But I don't agree with everybody who's Black just because they're black And I don't disagree with everybody's White just because they're white and if You do agree to all white people just Because you're white Congratulations like go live in your Little small mud puddle and play in it And if you disagree if you agree with Everybody because agree with everybody Because they're black then go live in Your little small mud puddle it's it's Silly it's infantile that's a good word For it it's juvenile infantile and very Immature I'm going to read something to you and This is what I'm going to end on Just to show you that more important

Than Um the genes that were in Jesus is the Fact that his genes are in us James Chapter one And here's what it says in James chapter One By the way who is James James That wrote the book of James was the Senior pastor at the church of Jerusalem Okay Now modern day modern day people would Think that's pretty important right I am The senior pastor of the Church of Jerusalem I mean does it get any like Does a senior pastor have any more Preeminence than the one at the church Of Jerusalem I don't know maybe not okay So senior pastor church Jerusalem that's Number one Number two he was the half brother of Jesus Christ he was the son of Mary and Joseph That's a pretty that's a pretty awesome Claim to fame but he writes a letter to The to the to the followers of Christ Who were Jewish who were scattered Abroad because of the persecution of the Romans and here's what he says James a Servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes which are Scattered abroad greetings So what does it have to do with the uh Black people in the genealogy of Christ This is Jesus brother

He didn't say uh this is James Senior pastor church of Jerusalem half Brother of Jesus Christ writing to the 12 tribes which were scattered abroad Greetings that's not what he said he Said James a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ through the 12 tribes Tribes which are scattered abroad what Do we learn from that our most valuable And should be most valued identifying Factor is nothing external or Superfluous it's the fact that we are a Servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ how can I tell if I'm a servant Of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ I Can tell by how I treat other people Because here's what God Said how you Treat other people especially people who Have nothing to offer that's how you Treat me I hope this Bible study blesses you stay Blessed by the best and we'll see you on The next video by the grace of God peace Out Cub Scouts

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