Biblical Leadership And Company Culture

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here and I am here in studio with a live audience Say hi y'all Okay so so now y'all know I'm not just Talking to y'all so if my eyes are Dotting around all over the place it's Not because I'm shifty-eyed it's because I'm talking to the people here as well As you uh today we're going to talk About Um leadership and Company culture Because what happens when businesses are Growing and you start becoming Successful you start having human Interactions here's here's the first Thing we have to acknowledge about human Beings we're all different right and and One of the things that's hard for people To do is to respect the difference in People that exist because like we think That we are always right like if I think Something well of course I'm right I Thought it right Um and how how could anybody possibly Ever disagree with me about anything Like ever ever right and so I think if We approach human interactions Understanding that Um that people are different it's Fascinating so I was thinking about like When we find fulfillment and purpose It's because we we acknowledge that our Um our curiosity creates this insatiable Need to create right we're made in the

Image of God and like the first thing God tells about God in the beginning God Created Heavenly Earth so the first Thing he's really telling us about Himself is that he's creative the first Thing he tells about us is that he made Us in His image and he formed a sentence Like this which means he created us to Create stuff and he made us to make Stuff okay so so my curiosity I wonder How I could do that better I wonder how This could work more smoothly I wonder How my life could be better or easier or Whatever as a result of uh tweaking These Like natural systems and putting some Things together to create leverage and Make my life better right so so our Curiosity causes us to want to create But creation by itself does not bring Fulfillment and we see that in what God Did next right because when God created He created three categories in creation We created creation uh the Sun the moon The stars the trees the grass Etc Um he created uh creatures the dogs the Cats and the alligators Um and the chimpanzees and the giraffes But God still all he had when he created Creation and when he created creatures All he had was creation and creatures And and he was totally different than Creation and he was totally different Than creatures and so since he was

Totally different than creation and Totally different than creatures he Said I've got to create something more Like me so he created creators he Created a dome Olive dollar mem the God-like creature with flesh and blood He created creators and he created Creators not just so we could create but So that he could have an extension of Himself who had that same creative Intention so he could connect with the People he created so here's what Happened our curiosity creates Connection our curiosity create Spawns creation but then Our creation then requires connection But here's what connection does Connection brings conflict Right so connection Spurs conflict Because people are different I grew up Eating peanut butter and jelly Sandwiches And it's clearly called peanut butter And jelly for a reason Because there should be more peanut Butter and less jelly That's why you're laughing right right But my wife did not grow up eating Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she Grew up eating jelly and peanut butter Sandwiches and so I asked her to make me A peanut butter and jelly sandwich when We first got married and I thought to

Myself what is this this Yes right because it's clearly not a Jelly and peanut butter sandwich it's a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and and And we're laughing because something as Simple as that As making a sandwich we're using our Creativity I can say something and I can Ask you to do something and I think I Ask you to do what I wanted you to do But I ask you to do what you interpreted My question to mean And so now we've got this conflict this Is not a peanut butter and jelly Sandwich this is jelly and peanut butter Sandwich I don't like jelly that much a Jelly only exists to accentuate peanut Butter right Peanut butter does not come along to Assist jelly we are like we let's don't Get this confused right and so and so You grew up in a family where the food Is seasoned heavily and your spouse that You marry eventually grows up in the Food where the seasoning what's that for Like why y'all how you can't even taste The food it's just I taste I taste all The stuff you put in the food right and So so what happens is when people come Together because we are like Infinitely different even though we're Similar That connection always brings conflict And it doesn't matter if it's in a Home

Connection brings conflict I've got six Brothers my brothers are the best Friends I have on planet Earth Right my brothers like obviously my wife And my son and my daughter I'm they're The ones I'm the closest to most Responsible for et cetera Etc my Granddaughter she owns me Right she's three and owns a full-grown Man and everything he has right Um but but But my brothers and I we're all have the Same mother same father and we're all so Similar but wildly different And my brother's got on my nerves like Nobody's business I don't know why they Just couldn't be more like me when I was Growing up Right and everybody can relate to what I'm saying so if you can imagine people Growing up in the same household same Mother same father and they didn't Always get along we we pretty much Always get along now I'm trying to think Of a conflict that I've had with one of My brothers in recent years and nothing Comes to mind and and literally I can Only think of two of my brothers that I've ever been in conflict with as an Adult like and it was it did it didn't Last for more than A couple of hours one in a couple of Days the other one's like like we get Along great but one of the reasons we

Get along great is because when we were Children we moved around a lot and then Moving around a lot you find out like in Short order that people are different Not just the way they look the way they Talk what they mean what's important to Them is very very different I remember I I moved to a church I moved to Brunswick Georgia to Pastor a church and I was from up North and up north you Talk fast you move fast you do Everything fast you say something you Mean it right you don't say something Nice When something necessary is required you Just say to answer like you ask somebody A question you give them the answer well I didn't know that was like taboo you Don't come to Brunswick to acting like That we don't even know your people Right and so it's really fascinating so Because we've moved around a lot we we Understood that we we learned how to get Along with a lot of different people and A lot of different kind of people Um and it's really fascinating uh it's Really fascinating how hard the human Dynamic really is and so we have to Acknowledge like if we're gonna have if We're gonna have we're gonna lead people And we're going to create a culture it Doesn't matter if it's in a family if It's in a church if it's in a business We have to understand that human

Relationships are hard that's one of the Reasons they're important but that's one Of the reasons why they're so hard Are y'all tracking okay so connection Brings conflict And so the last thing that God created Because because even God's connection With man brought conflict What conflict Did it bring God said you can have Everything but this one thing If you get all this other stuff it's Going to be fine you get you mess with This thing over here now we gonna have a Problem well guess what man did well What about that thing over there yeah I Think I have some of that right there And so you have to understand that when You're doing when you're doing uh people Stuff You ain't always going to agree My wife and I don't always agree My son and I don't always agree my Daughter and I don't always agree Uh my granddaughter and I don't always Agree but she always gets her way no she Doesn't she doesn't really always get Away Um but so me and Larry don't always Agree me and Mariah don't always agree With me and Karina don't always me and Rob don't always agree me and Jeff don't Always agree we don't agree but here's What we do when we disagree we agree to Disagree and still love each other

Right we agree to disagree and still Respect each other I forgot Roll and Roll and I definitely don't always agree I'm just kidding but Rob and I don't Always agree Zach and Lauren I don't Always agree Loren and I don't always Agree it's so interesting how much work Has to go into these human relationships And if you are unwilling to put work Into a human relationship that Relationship won't last long period Okay so let's first talk about Leadership before we talk about culture Okay The best well first of all let me Define Define leadership I'm going to Define What I believe leadership is leadership Is developing in other people a desire To follow you Okay so I'm going to say that one more Time leadership is developing in other People a desire to follow you So how do I develop in other people a Desire to follow me Well the best way to develop in other People a desire to follow you there are Three components that are really really Helpful one is competence You have to know something Like if you want me to listen to you you Need to know something that's going to Benefit me as well as you and if you Don't if you don't have competence like Why should somebody follow you if you

Don't know what you're talking about Right this is one by the way this is one Of the problems this is one of the Problems in the whole coaching slash Guru space you got a whole bunch of People who read a book and now they're An expert right they went to a seminar And now they're an expert right and they Know how to make a promise but they Don't know how to deliver on the Promises that they've made right and so You have to have a level of Competence everybody say competence you Have to have a level of competence Because without competence you have There's no leadership without competence There's no leadership Okay but if competence by itself is not Enough You also have to have a level of Confidence What is confidence confidence is a sense Of certainty By the way I'm going to tell you where I Believe we can find like all of these Characteristics that make for good Leaders okay So so you have to have a level of Competence but you also have to have a Level of confidence now confidence is a Sense of certainty where does a sense of Certainty come from well some of the Sense of certainty that we certainty That we have about outcomes in things

Comes from Competence Sometimes confidence comes from Competence But that's not the only place it comes From Confidence also comes from Comprehension of Truth so I've had I'm In some masterminds I'm in one Mastermind in particular where I've had A couple of people ask me the same Question and they said to me one my good Friend Um uh Brian he's my hole in one homie so He was with me when I got my only Hole-in-one so far in my life and I'm Saying so far because I'm sure there are Many more in the works okay so so Brian Was with me and he asked me this Question he asked me this question more Than once but other people have asked me This question too he said he said Myron He said you have a sense of certainty That is unlike any human being I've ever Met Do you teach that I said No but I can tell you where it comes From I said I got this book It's called a Bible and it's filled with These things called promises it's a book It's not people think it's a religious Book but it's a book of principles and

Promises and precepts and practices and Prophecies and prayers that give us the Ability to make predictions about Outcomes in the future so that we know What's going to happen before it happens So we can position ourselves on that Path of prosperity and by the way when I Say path of prosperity I'm not talking About naming and claim it blabbing and Grab it like I'm I'm what I'm talking About is I'm talk the word Prosper means To flow so you put yourself in the path Of flow Okay and and and a lot of those promises Are some of those promises are Unconditional but a lot of those Promises are conditional and a Conditional promise in scripture is like An if then go-to statement in coding so In computer coding there's a statement That says let there's a line of code That if then go to so when this happens Then this will automatically this this Push this button this is how to make Makes this happen it creates a chain Reaction well the Bible is a series of Those kinds of promises so I know what's Going to happen I don't have faith in Faith I have faith in the one who is Faithful because he cannot lie right That's where that's where my confidence Comes my confidence come doesn't come From the fact that I'm just I just I Just got this strong sense of confidence

Strong sense of God so what Right I believe the one who cannot lie Because I've been following his word as Truth Since I was a teenager since I was 16 I'm 61. they're the same numbers but They have totally different meanings And He said if you do this this will happen I said I'm going to try it and see what Happens here's one of the things he said We're talking about leadership we're Talking about company culture here's one Of the things he said And I I tried this on my brother who's One year younger than me And and one of the things like one of The things like we got was really easy For us to become hyper intense as Children because my dad was Pretty intense my mom was intense so Like we were intense No longer intense as you can tell That's hilarious okay but we were hyper Intense so so I said the next I read This verse in the scripture And I read this verse I said the next Time one of my brothers comes in Screaming at me I'm gonna see if this works And so it's Proverbs 15 1 I think it Says a soft answer turneth away wrath But Grievous words Stir up anger

Hmm Then there's another verse in James Chapter one it says Let every man Be swift to hear Slow to speak slow to Wrath Okay let's try that So the next time somebody raises their Voice at me I'm going to soften my tone Listen twice as hard and speak less and See what happens Oh it was amazing It was amazing how fast the situation De-escalated I was like It was so cool And see It was in that moment I was a teenager When that happened it was in that moment I realized this Bible is practical This is some values every day So the next time you get ready to get in Conflict with somebody at your job or at Your house or in your church or at your Whatever in traffic Especially in Tampa Right Softer tones Speaks slip more slowly Listen more more rapidly If every human being would be willing to Listen see here's the problem We're so sure we're right we're afraid

To find out when we're wrong Like if I if I'm gonna find out I'm Wrong I want to find out right now I want to find out later I want to find Out as soon as humanly possible why the Sooner I find out I'm on a bad path the Sooner I can course correct and make my Life better There's no advantage to being wrong and Sticking to your guns there's zero Advantage to that But we do it because we're people that's What we do as human beings we're wrong And we dig our heels in when we're wrong And we decide okay I'm just gonna stick With this because you know I made up my Mind and I don't want to be confused With the facts You know what that's called in the Bible You know what that's called the Bible It's called iniquity It means you have your mind bent on Doing the wrong thing because you have Your mind bent on it Isn't that fascinating isn't that Fascinating And so what we have to do what we have To do Is We have to make sure we have to make Sure we don't practice iniquity by Having our minds made up and we don't Want to be confused by the facts Okay so when we talk about leadership

If people would lead From a place Of listening more than talking And caring more than controlling The game would change Like when right now Right now See We we want our way Oftentimes to our own detriment And we have to make sure that we don't Do that so so okay so so that's the First thing when it comes to leadership Right You're going to develop others uh desire To follow you because of Competence because of confidence and That confidence comes from like a sense Of certainty because you know you know The truth right And when I say I know the truth here's What I mean I know the truth as far as I Understand it but I also understand that I don't understand it fully and that's Why I can be open to having a Conversation with somebody I disagree With Are y'all tracking That's why that's why I was never afraid To talk to somebody who believes Something different about the Bible than Me because they're right I want to find Out so I can be right and if they're Wrong I want to know why I'm standing my

Ground Oh no I can't talk to that person they Believe something different what's that Anyway This third place that Um Um that That Um I forgot what I was talking connection Confidence competence oh leadership yeah Leadership leadership comes from Confidence leadership comes from Competence confidence and it also comes From compassion People don't care how much you know Until they know how much you care about Them And it doesn't matter if you're Confident and it doesn't matter if You're competent and you're right and You're sure you're sure you're right And you know what you're talking about Because you know your stuff If you don't love people Love covers a multitude of sins You'll have a whole lot more mercy on me When I mess up if you know I love you Can I get a witness Right and so so like if I know you have My best interest in mind and you know I Have your best interest in mind it's Hard for us to be to like for conflicts To last

Conflicts last when I know you have your Best interest in mind at my expense or You know I have my best interest in mind At your expense right so So Um and it's so it's so simple Like to let folks know that you have Their best interest in mind especially People you're leading people that you're Leading Um One of the things that we have to do When we're leading people is we have to Communicate with them and we have to Especially number one we have to clearly Communicate Directives and objectives And I am telling you I got this from my daughter if she were Here she could tell me where she got it From maybe she made it up I don't know But it's really one of the best Statements I've ever heard about Communication The biggest problem with communication Is thinking that it happened Ain't that good the biggest problem with Communication thing can happen so you Think That you said what you thought you said And they think you said what they Thought they heard Now which is it Perhaps neither

Maybe both so now we got we gotta we Gotta fix that so we have to communicate As clearly as we possibly can And then every time we have an Opportunity you want to create great Company culture Every time you have a an opportunity Communicate appreciation Communicate that you appreciate your Team that they're not just a rug for you To walk on communicate that you Appreciate your family that they're not Just somebody there to be at your beck And call like communicate it but I feel I feel appreciate I feel like I Appreciate them dad that don't tell them Nothing All right ain't nobody in your head but You and you're only in there sometime [Music] So so communicate clearly I I just want You to know you're appreciated But don't just tell them they're Appreciated This is the scary part you already Ask them if they feel appreciated That's scary Because if they say no now I gotta go Work on me And I've been spending all these years Working on you I ain't got time to work On me right now And it's only funny because it's true Right am I am am I keeping it real

So if you want to have a good team Communicate Clearly But communicate Initiation Compliment your people when you see them Doing something good talk about why Here's why because that's the best way To create personal growth in other People when you find them doing Something good Mention like say it Here's what it says in Scripture It says as a finding pot for silver And a furnace for gold so is a man what Unto his praise We think we help people grow by arguing With them and we think we help people Grow by pointing out all their mistakes But the scripture says we help people Grow when we find them doing good and we Praise them for it What is a finding pot what is a furnace Well you the the refiner would put the Gold in the finding pot and he would put It in the furnace The gold will become molten or the Silver will become molten and then all Of the dross and imperfurities impure Impurities imperfections all the things That are not gold or silver would rise To the top you take it out set it aside Let it cool off After it cools off you take a sharp

Instrument scrape A thin layer off the top until he gets Down to pure silver pure gold he put it Back in the furnace again and he'd do it Again how many times would you do it Seven Times why seven times because after he Did it seven times seventh time he could Look into that finding pot and see a Perfect reflection of himself watch this Without spot or blemish How are y'all tracking so we use we use Praise To create Improvement in other people Now Where else do we see this And God said let there be light And then what do you do and God saw the Light that it was good God saw the light And God said that it was good Huh So God said it It was so and then God said it's good So God praised the work that he did and Recognized the good that it was while it Was being done It's amazing that something this simple Now That's not that's not it doesn't end There I gotta I Gotta Move Along because We got I got eight minutes which means I Have six minutes okay so the second Point of leadership the best Leadership Model in the world is the model of

Servant leader So you're the people who are on your Team have to believe that you are there To serve them You don't send them somewhere you lead Them somewhere and you because you Cannot teach what you do not know and You cannot lead where you will not go Here's what the scripture says let this Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus okay what was that That's my menu which is also in Christ Jesus Uh who being in the form of God thought It not robbery to be equal with God so He knew who he was But made himself of no reputation He didn't make a big deal about who he Was because he knew who he was you know Why people make a big deal about who They are they make all this noise about Who they are don't you know who I am me Not knowing who you are is not the Problem the problem is you don't know Who you are because if you did you Wouldn't have to make someone knows About it Being in the form of God not part of my Right would be equal with God Um But was made in life man man and being Um but was humbled himself Man I'm I'm gonna I have to quote the whole

Thing and stop stopping let this mind be In you which was also in Christ Jesus Who being in the form of God thought it Might be equal with God but made himself With no reputation but took upon him the Form of a servant It was made in likes of men being found In fashion as a man he humbled himself And became obedient unto death even the Death of the cross Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him oh God highly exalted him after he humbled Himself now Yeshua In the beginning was the word the Word Was God the word was with God and the Same was in the beginning with God and All things were made by him without him Was not anything made that was made and The word became flesh and dwelt among us We behold his glorious Glory the only Begotten that same Yeshua He made himself took upon him in the Form of assert and was made in the Likeness of men But I can't be a servant Don't you know I'm the boss Are y'all tracking So We also see that in the prayer of Solomon What do we see in the prayer of Solomon When God asks Solomon what would you Like me to give you I'm going to give

You anything you want what do you want Here's what Solomon said Dear Lord give me the wisdom to do the Thing you put me on this Earth to do in A way that pleases you and serves the People you put me here to serve the best Business culture that exists in the World is the kingdom culture what is the Kingdom of culture I yield myself to God As The Sovereign King Of My Life I rule over my assignment as The Sovereign king of that assignment I use The assignment that I rule over to serve Every human being whose path I cross It changes the game forever Okay y'all tracking So the last thing about Like having a kingdom culture in your Company in your family is this God said How you treat anybody is how you treat Me So if you wouldn't talk to me that way Don't talk to the people that way like Like like If I'm a parent if you wouldn't talk to Me that way don't talk to your brother That way he wouldn't talk to me that way Don't talk to your sister that way Like if you wouldn't talk to me that way Don't talk to your co-workers that way Treat everybody who works in this place The same way you treat me treat every Customer who comes in the door just like

You treat me And if you ain't willing to do that you Ain't a fit You either treat everybody good or go Somewhere else God put us all here to rule over an Assignment he didn't put any of us here To rule over each other Now sometimes on my team like I I'm Willing to hear input from any of my Team but at the end of the day I make The decision that's what we do But at least I'm going to listen to him Though they might have a better idea Than me My wife might have a better idea than me My daughter might have a better idea Than me My daughter is good at stuff I'm not Good at my wife is good at stuff I'm not Good at my son is good at stuff I'm not Good at it the people who work on my Team are good at stuff I'm not good at I don't have they don't always have to Go my way Right and I'm going to treat you Like I would treat Christ I'm going to treat a stranger a server In a restaurant a homeless person my Next door neighbor I'm going to treat Them like I would treat Christ because Here's what the scripture says How can you say how can you if you

If you hate your brother whom you have Seen How can you say you love God whom you Haven't seen Wow that'd be a pretty good company Culture wouldn't it so Those are the things that some of the Things that we can do to be better Leaders have a better company culture Have a better family culture have better Relationships with everybody in our Lives And if we do that if we're always Looking to do what's best for the other Person and seeking to serve and showing Love and giving acknowledgment and Appreciation the world would just be a Better place period So let's make our little worlds better Places hope that helps subscribe like Comment and thank you for subscribing if You've already subscribed thank you for Commenting if you've already commented And stay blessed by the best Peace out Cub Scouts

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