A Magical Money Machine Doesn’t Exist, but THIS Can Make You A Success

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Sometimes we're looking for the magical Money machine when really we must anchor In the foundation for Success the Success habits [Applause] We are in crazy times the outside world Is out of control the outside world is Uncertain so this is a time we must Master the inner game we must Master Inner control and the little things are The big things and if you're looking to Make more money make more impact have More success in your life be abundant During a down Market when inflation is An all-time high or 31 year high where Winter or recession seems to be Inevitable I'm not an economist but it Seems to be sometimes we're looking for The magical money machine when really we Must anchor in the foundation for Success the success habits and today I Got a story I want to tell you that I Shared with my daughter This morning on the way to school that I Think is a lesson for all of us So in life Stuff will always go sideways people Will let you down take advantage of you The money won't come through people that You thought had your back really are the Ones talking about you or wishing you Bad thoughts all those things happen no Matter what those things happen So for my daughter

She had a birthday party she turned 15. Unbelievable I can't believe my little Girl is 15 years old and she had a bunch Of great friends over and the girls had The time of their life but the next day She went to school or two days later she Went to school and one of the girls had A misunderstanding thought that my Daughter and other girls were talking About her So fast forward a day that's a big deal At 15 years old So I said to my daughter Um on the way to school I said babe What's bugging you nothing you know She's 15 she's kind of strong Independent I said I can feel it I can See it no Smiles on your face what's Wrong hon finally she tells me and she Tells me the whole story and she is so Nervous going to school and she wants to Talk to the girl and let her know she Would never talk about her she thinks She's amazing and all these things but She was so worried and no smile no Happiness no joy Now that was a Saturday it was a Sunday This was Monday the first day at school So why am I telling you this story about My daughter you're probably thinking hey I got my own stuff going on but let me Tell you the lesson I told her but soon As I was done I knew it was for me it's For you it's for all of us

So we're driving I'm thinking what do You tell a 15 year old I'm always giving Her lessons and I didn't want her to be Like oh Dad not another lesson I wanted It to hit hard so I said you know Babe I totally get it and you're 15. It's gonna be you're gonna feel it You're gonna have emotions and you can't Get this right I probably didn't get it Right I probably still don't have it Right but I didn't get it right till I Was in my 40s I hope that I could help You get there a lot quicker so I said Let's just talk about this weekend Now it's Monday you're going to school You're waking up and the only thing on Your mind is what went wrong what your Friends could say people might have Heard that you did something that you Didn't do there's nothing worse than Being accused of something that didn't Happen especially when you're a teenage Girl in a new high school and all these Things and she goes yeah it's kind of What I'm thinking I said you see how Your brain hijacks you she's like what Do you mean I'm like man your brain can Just mess with you and she's like Dad I Don't understand Said okay This weekend it was your birthday Weekend her birthday happens to be on my Birthday pretty amazing so on her Birthday morning

I woke up super early and I went to the Store and I got all her favorite Pastries and all her favorite things to Drink so when she woke up she had this Spread of of muffins and donuts and and Bagels and her she loves this orange Drink with mango and it's all laid out For her she's like oh Dad thanks and Then we went to the store and we did Cool stuff and then got her some clothes That she wanted and then at four o'clock Her friend that she hadn't seen since uh Last year who went away for high school Has been gone for six months her best Friend in the world since second grade Showed up and she was like oh my God and They were hugging each other in tears And then all of her nine friends came Over and they had dinner an amazing time And laughs and they did amazing things They stayed up they laughed so hard to One o'clock in the morning most of them Lost their voice because they were had So much fun we woke up the next day on Sunday and my littlest boy Luca was Baptized and she came to the baptism and Got to witness that and then she had This friendsgiving with a whole bunch of Friends and all these amazing things Happen But Monday What is her brain focusing on What is all of our brains focus on in so Many instances her brain was focusing on

The one thing that went wrong that could Have gone wrong her brain and that's why I said to her you didn't wake up saying Oh my God my birthday was amazing I Celebrated with my dad all my friends Were over dinner was great I saw my best Friend in the home world I haven't seen In six months I witnessed my little Brother getting baptized I had friends Giving yay happy Monday she woke up and Her brain said oh my God the girls think You were talking about you they're going To look at you funny and life is over How many times do we do that when we Want to start the business start the Next level of Life start the Relationship fix the relationship have a Bonding uh bonding be bonded with our Friends our brain goes they're talking About you she doesn't love you anymore He's Not That Into You the business is Going to fail this economy winter is Coming inflation the president the last President the future president our Brains want to hijack our thoughts and Drive us down a road of what went wrong What we don't have or what we lost and Gear's the thing want to share with you In this quick message life can never be Abundant you will never create the level Of happiness joy success income focusing On what went wrong focusing on the one Thing wrong rather than what you have to Work with or what went right so as I

Told my daughter this story as she left Now it's not like she was like oh wow I Feel amazing but I watched her come home From school and she's like In a good mood and she was like Dad Thanks for before that's that's the most I'll ever get right but that's okay I Know she got it and then the second Lesson part of that They were fine by 10 o'clock in the Morning everything was settled once they Talked I said here's something to Remember too most of everything we worry About doesn't come true but it's a Crutch that'll keep us stuck if we let It dominate our mind so that was my Message from my daughter in ninth grade 15 years old But isn't it a message we all need Don't we all need to focus on what we do Have to work with what we've been Blessed with The experiences went through even if the Things were wrong in our lives it was it Built the grit it built the experience It built the knowledge and the wisdom In the words of Tony Robbins what if Life happened for us not to us and we Use that back all that data as the wind Behind our sails and realize that we're Here to fight another day these are Crazy times but in crazy times that's When real wealth real abundance real Success real growth is formed so we can

Decide to sit back and hope someone else Is coming to save us that ain't never Happening or we could say this is my Time I'm going all in I'll take my past I'll use it as my fuel I'll check out What I do have and use it as an asset Rather than focusing on what I don't and Let's take life to another level [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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