A Biblical View Of Marriage

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Today you are about to discover the Biblical concept of marriage in Ephesians chapter 5 It says In verse 30 through 32 it says for we Are members of his body of his flesh and Of his bone for this cause shall a man Leave his father and mother and shall be Joined unto his wife and they too shall Be one flesh This is the great mystery this is a Great mystery but I speak concerning Christ in the church nevertheless let Every one of you in particular so love His wife even as himself and the wife See that she reverence her husband so Um The concept of a Biblical marriage is This that a man marries a woman that's The concept of a Biblical marriage and Since God's the one who created the Institution of marriage he should be the One who defines it so marriage is Something it's it's something uh Spiritual it's a spiritual connection Between a man and a woman it's a Physical connection between a man and a Woman it's a legal connection between a Man and a woman it's a covenant Connection between a man and a woman I Know that our society and the Supreme Court they say a man can marry a man and A woman can marry a woman and a man can Have a husband and a woman can have a

Wife but that's not what God says okay According to God's economy and the Biblical picture of a marriage is a man And woman now here's what's fascinating Or at least it was fascinating to me One of the things that the Bible Describes the church as is the bride of Christ I'm Gonna Keep It Real I don't know about y'all I struggle with that Why I'm a dude how am I gonna like I'm Part of the church how am I going to be Right or what what I don't understand it It didn't make sense but it does make Sense Because marriage Between a man and a woman in every Aspect including the physical aspect of Intercourse is a picture of Christ and The church what does that even mean well It's a physical Representation Of a spiritual reality I'll say that one more time it is a Physical Representation of a spiritual Reality And that's why That's why The Bible speaks out against fornication What is fornication any kind of sexual Sin a man having sex with a woman and They're not married that's called

Fornication Um a and neither one of them are married Or one of them is married and one of Them is not that's called fornication a Man who is married having an uh having Intercourse with a woman who's not his Wife that's called or vice versa a woman Having intercourse with a man who's not Her husband if the but she's married That's called adultery Adultery is a form of fornication Fornication is any kind of sexual sin But adultery is a particular kind of Sexual sin Uh homosexuality is a different kind of Sexual sin why all of those sexual sins Mar the picture of the spiritual reality That's why it says I speak concerning The mystery of Christ in the church what Is the mystery of Christ in a church Is that God created everything for a Reason so what we see in Genesis chapter 1 we see in the beginning God created The heavens and the Earth Well the first thing we see about God is That he's creative so creation is one of The things that is essential to the Character of God he is creative God is You might say love God is you might say Holy God is you might say omnipotent I'm Not president or I'm I'm omniscient all Of those are true but none of those are The first thing that God tells us about God the first thing God tells us about

God is that he is Creative why because the first thing he Tells us about us is that he created us And His Image which means he created us To be creative and he made us to make Things so part of our fulfillment as a Human being comes from creation But that's not enough why because when God created everything he had three Categories in creation he created Creation sun moon stars Trees grass water he created creatures Dogs cats chimpanzees giraffes and Alligators Bees and Flowers and so forth okay yeah I mean Bees and bumblebees and all the insects So he created creature he created Creation he created creatures here's the Interesting thing about creation and Creatures they can't appreciate the God Who made them so God Had a desire to have fellowship and to Celebrate his work with someone who was Not him but was like him so he made man And when I say man he made Olive Adam God called their name Adam in the image Of God creating him male and female Created he them and God called their Name Adam that's what it says in Genesis Right so so God made man so he made so He had creation creation creatures and Now he's got creators God made creators And when God made creators when God made

Man when he first made man Um he it's he said it was not good for Man to be alone he made them both male And female he but he breathed it into Man's nostrils the breath of life and The Man became a living Soul later God Separated the man from the woman he took A rib out of the man and made his help Meet or help sufficient for him help That is enough for him and she became His wife okay so all of that how does That represent Christ in the church like This well if you read the first part of Ephesians chapter Um five it says that a wife should Submit to her own husband a lot of People have a hard time with that I Don't know why it's like submit doesn't Mean he owns her Submit the word submit means to place Yourself under the under the protection The provision Um you place yourself under another That's all it means you place yourself Under and because a man's position in a Woman's position are different it does Not make one better and one worse it Just means they're different like my Left shoe ain't my right shoe and my Rights you ain't my left shoe and I Don't want to put my left shoe on my Right foot and I don't want to put my Right shoe on my right foot not because My right shoe is better than my left

Shoe or my left shoe is better than my Right shoe they're just different And men are different from women men are Generally speaking larger than women We're bigger men are generally speaking Stronger physically than women which is Why it's a tragedy that they're letting All these guys who are having these Operations compete against women in Sports but that's a different Conversation for a different day I'm not Going to go there Um So manner God has commanded the man to protect the Woman just like Christ protects the Church The man is commended and commanded to Provide for his family Okay I'm getting ahead of myself so so a Man a husband and a wife have different Roles Why because they're they're different They have different roles and men can do Things that women can't do and women can Do things that men can't do that's just How life is but together they can do Something that neither of them could do By themselves that's the beauty of Marriage right So When a man and a woman come together Right so you got a man by himself and The man goes out and he creates this is

It's amazing how this is exactly like Creation man gets like man grows up and He be a boy grows up he comes a man he Goes out and he creates and he works and He's got he's he's doing stuff and he's Maybe got somewhat of a successful life But he's got no one to enjoy it with so What does he need he it's not good for Man to be alone he needs a companion he Needs somebody who can appreciate and Who can celebrate his accomplishments With him And who can assist him on his journey And I guess there are people who would think That that makes a woman less I don't Think it makes her less I think it just Makes her different it's just different And so but what happens when a man and a Woman come together now they've got They've got they've got connections you Got creation you've got connection you Got a woman who grows up she becomes a Woman she gets a job but she feels she Feels like something's missing why she's Doing she's got no way to celebrate with So they come together and now they have Connections so you got creation so God Had creation Because he created everything then he Created creators or man now he's got a Connection he's got somebody who's like Him but not him Olive dollar mem Olaf Represents God dollar his blood the life

Of the flesh is in the blood a man or a Woman we are a Godlike creature with Flesh and blood we're not God but we're Similar to God we're more similar to God Than animals are and so what happens is We can fellowship with God I was just Sharing with some folks here Um a little while ago that language is a Spiritual Attribute it's something that only Spiritual Beings have right so we need Somebody to talk to you need somebody to Talk to I need somebody to talk to even People don't like to talk even people Who are introverted need somebody to Talk to Okay so God had connect God had creation then He's got connection what happened man Yielded to the serpent in the garden and Resisted God and then man severed the Connection This by the way this is what the whole Bible is about the whole Bible the whole Bible everything in life is about this Creation connection the connection got Severed so what did God do he sacrificed His son he get first he sacrificed Animals showing that he was going to the Later sacrifices son and that was a Prophecy and what happened was there had To be a contribution in order to restore The connection the contribution was the Death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that restores the connection

That's the whole that's the whole Meaning of life right so there's this Intention what's the intention creation There's a connection The connection gets severed there's a Contribution that re-establishes the Connection that's why we as human beings Only feel fulfilled when we have Creation connection and contribution but Guess what happens the husband and the Wife they get together And when they get together Um they They have physical intercourse where it Is a picture physical like intercourse Is a picture Of God's relationship With us with Christ's relationship with The church in what way well just like a Woman her body opens and receives the Seed of a man And then that produces New Life Okay that's how it works physically that Produce that connection that the man Can't create new life by himself the Woman can't create new life by herself Two women can't create life two men Can't create life but you put a man and A woman together they can create a new Life Now in the activity that creates that New life they the joy of that activity The pleasure in that activity doesn't

Come In normal people from the man trying to Please himself with the woman or from The woman trying to please herself with The man the real Joy comes when the man Is obsessed with pleasing the woman and The woman is obsessed with pleasing the Man I know this sounds graphic it's not Graphic everybody knows what sex is Don't like don't act like you don't know What it is right and so But what happens is when you when you Are obsessed with bringing pleasure to That other person that's when the seed Is released and that's when new life is Produced well guess what God wants us to open our spirit And receive the seed of his word And he wants that to bring us joy and Ecstasy just like when a woman receives Joy and ecstasy from receiving a man's Seed but he also God also has pleasure In giving us that seed he has pleasure In our pleasure in receiving it That's the mystery Of Christ in the church the mystery is That now we have creation We have connection that connection Creates new life that new life is born What can that new life do for itself Nothing It can't feed itself it can't clothe Itself it can't bathe itself it can't

Protect itself so it needs parents and And what happens the connection that Those parents feel with that new life And the contribution that those parents Give for that new life is everything Like parents will give everything for Their children do you realize it's Impossible For a child to love their parents as Much as a parent loves the child unless When the parent gets older They become They get to the place where they can't Take care of themselves and then the Child starts taking care of the parent Like the parent took care of the child Then and only then can a child love a Parent As much as a parent loves a child Because the more you give to anyone or Anything the more you love that thing or That person And so it's the contribution of those Parents that cultivate and and and Prepare that new life For a life of its own that's exactly What happens with Christ and the church This is the mystery the mystery is this That when we take pleasure in receiving The seed of God's word into our spirit When we open our spirit willingly and we Get joy from from receiving the seed of The truth of the word of God and it Brings us ecstasy that brings God

Pleasure and so literally God gets Pleasure in giving us his seed when we Get pleasure in receiving it it's the Exact same picture That's why he said I speak concerning Christ in the church and this is why It's so important it's so important for For a man To have a wife and a wife to have a Husband It's why that's why it's important this Is why it's so important that we don't Mess up the picture that we don't ruin The picture and we don't ruin the Experience by just having sex with Everything that moves Like God God has a way for for to do Things for a reason and when we do it His way our lives will be better Creation connection contribution it's The mystery of Christ in the church it's The mystery of a husband and a wife Creation connection contribution that's That's what that's that's what it was That's what it's all been about from the Beginning that's why you feel happy like It's so interesting That A man who has a wife I mean a man who Doesn't have a spouse but he finds this Girl and he falls in love with her and They get married like he he can't wait To get home from work to see his wife A woman who doesn't who has a career but

She doesn't have a husband she gets Married she can't wait to get home to See her husband Until The husband starts trying to fix the Wife and the wife starts trying to fix The husband You strike turn you start trying to turn Them into the thing you hoped they would Be eventually with your help Instead of just celebrating who they are I'm going to tell you something I'm Going to tell you something now what Happens Is the man has Creation at work and when he comes home He feels severed From that connection because his wife is Always trying to fix him or the wife she Goes to work she feels creative at work But when she comes when when she comes Home she feels her husband's always Trying to fix her so she feels Disconnected or maybe she's a Stay-at-home mom and she's creative Because she's creating meals and Sustenance for her family and then when Her husband comes home he's like so Irritated by stuff that he happened at Work that he brings all of that home With him and she feels disconnected and What happens people get divorced because They forget to remain connected and they Forget to cultivate the connection and

They forget to keep contributing it's The Contra like it's the Perpetual Connection and contribution that keeps Us connected with each other and what Makes our marriage makes that marriage Flourish Doing things together like like the Husband doing things with the wife and For the wife that he wouldn't he Wouldn't do her otherwise the wife doing Things with the husband and for the Husband that she wouldn't do otherwise Right like Because you love them that's part of the Contribution part of my contribution to My wife is doing things that she likes To do that I don't like that part of her Contribution to me is doing stuff that Like with me that I don't like to do Like I like to go to the golf course my Wife could care less about a golf course Okay cool Sometimes she'll go to the golf course With me my wife loves the exercise I Don't love to exercise I just don't like The alternative so I do exercise I'm Just keeping it real I don't like the Exercise but sometimes we'll work out Together at home right but I don't go I Ain't going to the gym I just can't do It the rubber the smell of rubber mats In other people's sweat is just it just Overrides my entire Seinfeld syndrome Like I can't I can't do it I can't do it

Y'all so y'all pray for me um I've got Issues but but doing things together I remember a couple years ago we went on Vacation to New Mexico You know I went to New Mexico because my Wife said I've always wanted to go to New Mexico okay well let's go to New Mexico Like I don't care vacation If I want you it's my vacation let's go Right so you say Myron what's your point My point is creation connection and Contribution why because creation gives Us Leverage Right so what is that what does that Mean when I go to work like I am working Right now I'm recording this YouTube Video it gives me leverage well how does Creating a YouTube video give you Leverage give you leverage well because There are people who will find me Because of this YouTube video that Wouldn't found me any other way So it leverages my reach right so so Creation is leverage it's a form of Leverage even when God made everything God made the Sun and the Moon what do You do he made the Greater Life to Rule The Day the Lesser light to rule tonight God had delegation right he he delegated To the to the land to bring forth the Land animals he delegated to the water To bring forth the fish in the fowl and So what happens is creation gives us

Leverage I have a connection Connection gives us love So The whole like like like Just spending time with somebody you Love is awesome it's just like it's like I love it Well I'm so weird I'm I'm going to be The first to admit I'm weird but I get Excited when I see people in my family I Do when I see my wife I get excited when I'm on my way home to see my wife I get Excited when I'm on my I know my Daughter's coming over I get excited my Son-in-law my grandbaby when I I get Excited my son my son gets back and he Surprises us from wherever his trips Around the world I'm like oh man he's Here he's here I get excited like my Brother Mark came in this morning I was All excited to see him I hadn't seen him In a couple weeks and talked to her like I get excited when I see the folks who Are here like I get excited when I see Y'all I'm just that dude the people that I work with I get excited when I say I Love the connection that I have with People I love people my daughter said to Me one time she said dad you're not Going to like this but this is what we Should do I said well how can you tell Me I'm not gonna like it before you even Tell me what it is because it doesn't

Have anything to do with people and you Love everything to do with people well You got a point okay so so okay so now You know me so what's your what's your Point okay anyway Um so connection so so creation is Leverage connection is love Contribution is legacy It's the thing it's the things that we Give to perpetuate the fact that we were Here Every time you write a book that's Contribution that's leveraged that's That's Legacy Every time you create some content you Like my YouTube that's that's Contribution That's Legacy The books that I've written will be Alive after I'm dead the videos that I've made will be alive after I'm dead And so the more The more I make my life about creation Contribution Connection and contribution the more I Am being like God The more I can make my marriage Focus The focus of my marriage about creation Connection and contribution by the way Here's what's really interesting Um Creation Is Creates a level of difficulty in having

Connection Right we have all three needs but one Like though if I if I spend 16 hours 18 Hours a day working it's going to be Hard for me to have relationships with People other than the people at work So creation literally inhibits Connection Foreign Because you know what else connection Oftentimes breeds conflict Wait are you saying the more connected You are the more likely you are to fall Out with somebody 100 percent That's exactly what I'm saying Why am I telling you this I'm telling You this so that you will know that that Feeling you have of irritation with People that you're really closely Connected with that's not a sign that You need to get them out of your life Necessarily sometimes that's just a sign That that person is in your life [Laughter] Can I get a witness See I've got six brothers I don't always Agree with all six of my brothers But I always I always Endeavor to do everything in my Power to get along with them and I feel Like they always do Endeavor to do Everything in their proud to get along With me I work with some wonderful People but guess what we don't always

Agree sometimes sometimes I get a little Sideways yeah I know y'all can't imagine That y'all know y'all seen that side of Me Um but but I don't love them any less Art Williams had one of the funniest Sayings I've ever heard in my life He said he said I love Angela Williams Fell in love in her second grade only Girlfriend I ever had And I love her more than I can tell you But I don't like her all the time right And um some you don't like the people You love you don't like them all the Time and that's okay because connection Literally breeds conflict Because the more time you spend with Somebody the more you're going to see How they could have done it whatever it Is better can I get a witness Like the more time you spend with Somebody the more you're going to see Their flaws but their flaws existed Before you could see them and you still Wanted to be connected Let's don't make the mistake of thinking That oh these flaws are some new thing That didn't exist until just now no they Had them flaws you were just willing to Overlook them in the beginning can I get A witness Well And then contribution Contribution is that Legacy piece

And here's what's really interesting About contribution Even though contributing seems like if I Contribute I'm going to have less God Has set it up in such a way that one of The most important components in Multiplication is subtraction What does that mean that means give in It shall be given unto you press down Shaken together and running over here's What the scripture says shall men give Into your bosom The more you contribute The more You multiply it what is this Like like contribution somehow creates Compounding how does that happen It's a God thing But isn't it fascinating How marriage is a picture Of the fact that God wants Us to open our spirit receive his seed So we can give New Life To new Behaviors new habits new Character that didn't exist before he Opened our spirit and received that seed And then we cultivate it and what we Have is with what in our relationship With God we have is we have creation Connection contribution and our Relationship with other people we have Creation we have connection we have Contribution This is the mystery

Christ in the church you say Myron Like What is the significance of this that's The significance is the mystery the Mystery is the to me I was like oh so That's how it's really interesting I It's interesting that a man if you spell The word mail the word man in Hebrew is The word Adam The word woman I mean the word the word For male is Ish like aleph Interesting interesting side note okay You've heard the word British right so a Lot of people don't realize that what The word British is a compound word it's Compound Hebrew word actually Um which is it's it's it's a farce Because the word Brit means Covenant and The word ish means man so the word British means Covenant man because the British people really were Silly enough To believe That they were replacing Israel as God's Chosen people that's where the word British comes from I know You have to be really fascinating to Come up with something that fascinating Anyway Um but the word ish Allah Shin but the Word for female is the word hey Okay here's what's really cool the man Has a letter in his name that the woman Doesn't have in hers The woman has a letter in her name that

The man doesn't have in his the man has A yod And the woman has a hey now yod the word The letter yod the word yod means a hand But the a yod is a picture this is so Beautiful I've never even thought of This till just now gave me chills okay Um a yod is a picture Of a thought And a seed Isn't that fascinating that a yode is a Picture it's a picture of a thought Because it is a letter in the Hebrew Alphabet that dangles in the air it Doesn't you know how letters come down And touch the line some letters go down Below the line some letters land on the Line the yo just hangs in the air it Doesn't touch a line so it's a picture Of a thought It means hand it's a picture of a Thought but it's also a picture of a Seed Wasn't it interesting that God Puts his seed in us so that we can start Having the mind of Christ love we can Start thinking about his truth okay cool But what does a woman have a woman has a Hey now the letter hey I'll update hey The letter hey is It's a picture of a house with an open Window but it's it's the concept of a Container that reveals Right

A container that reveals and so Um like if you look at a man and a woman A man releases his seed a woman carries That seed and then she what eventually Gives birth and reveals that new life Such a beautiful picture What does it say about God when God's word Works in US it Produces in US good works and here's What it says here's what Jesus said in In Matthew chapter 5. he said Um that you are the light of the world It says that when men behold Your good works they will glorify your Father which is in heaven why because But you that you will know that no human Being behaves like this on their own So you have to give Glory where Glory Belongs and that is to God So the mystery of Christ in the church Is this let's get joy from receiving the Truth of God's word Let's Let It produce a new life in us so That we can spend our lives being a Blessing to other people I hope this was Helpful in understanding the mystery of Marriage and Christ and the church Stay blessed by the best and I'll see You in the next video

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