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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Ah Um Need help people here from 64 countries Give it up for everybody ladies and Gentlemen There's a lot of things happening Outside world right now that you and I Can't control and here's where the power Is if we Master our inner world we can Easily Master the outer World their Businesses all over the world that are Almost crushed that are now doing better Than they ever have before because it's Not the strongest that survives it's the Most adaptable we're gonna start seeing If we can't recognize the patterns that Control your business and when we do Then start to use them we've got some Tools that are going to blow your mind By some of the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world this is boot Camp entrepreneurs obviously Love and care about what they're doing Or they wouldn't be doing it and if you Don't love and care about it then maybe It's not the right thing for you what Are you doing to build a relationship With everyone who's part of your journey If you're authentic about it it will Take hold the secret is to have a good Idea that's non-obvious and I think Finding that for your own business is Your secret weapon of your judgment is Uh is is the thing that uh no one can

Catch up with even the big Well welcome to my basement this is Where all started you know when they Started shutting things down I'm sure You've had to figure out how to adapt And I really my heartfelt wish is to Really serve you in a way this week That'll blow your way that'll really Give you the momentum that you need you Know I I was told by seven different Medical professionals Told me I was never going to live past Six or seven months and they said man You're done you know you know I'm sorry That you you know made these choices you Were in lpx different things but I I Defied the odds sure did if you put your Foot forward yes And you accept the challenges and you Like face what's happening you know you Can make it happen and I'm grateful for You Tony and your wife I I know for sure That you know with everything that's Happened man I probably would have been You know facing certain deaths you know And I never thought I would ever be free The number one New York Times Best-selling author of this book you are Here to do something really important Which is help us not just live longer But live better and become CEO of our Own health care this book life force I Could not stop Tony I'm not kidding you I've read it every I mean I kept going

And going and going I read this whole Freaking book I can't believe I did the Things I love about you Tony is that how You can take the Practical things we do Every day and give us some profound Meaning in it two things you guys are Really talking about that are real Breakthroughs one we're actually going To help prevent getting these things in The first place knowing what we know and Two we're gonna be able to fix the Things that we can't even imagine are Fixable there's a revolution that's Happening right now in our medicine There's something called Precision Medicine and it's very different than Anything we've seen before it's being Driven by technological changes but it's Happening right now by a group of Scientists around the world so I decided I want to interview 150 of the very best Nobel laureates scientists the best Medical doctors and none of the book is My opinion it's bringing you exactly What they're showing in the areas of Increasing energy and strength Vitality What are the basic things you can do That don't take anything at all just a Couple choices what are some of the new Tools and technology and then if you're Having a real challenge if you've got Something like cancer heart disease Alzheimer's what are the best tools that Are really available now and I just

Wanted to bring it to people in a way That would be accessible come to this Special life force Edition today we've Got quite a great little session set up For you we were living on bringing you 10 of the smartest people I know out of The 150 people that I interviewed for Life Force there are 10 that really Stand out that are creating Breakthroughs around the world in this New form of medicine this regenerative Medicine we regenerate your body Literally with Precision medicine where You see what you can do to shift your Energy and your psychology and your Physiology all at once I'm gonna bring You 25 of some of the smartest investors Literally in the history of the world This may be one of the most important Programs you've ever intended because of The times we're in and if the winter Inside you is managed properly it can be One of the best seasons and that means You got to make sure there is an ongoing Spring or summer inside you that never Goes away because things melt down so Much faster than they grow but in the Midst of this is the greatest Opportunity in your life but if you keep Your head together we'll make you Wealthy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams What's really going to make you wealthy It's the moment you find the place Inside yourself that no longer depends

On your identity for money a successful Life is not having the most stature the Most Fame the most money the most any of Those things a successful life is having The life that you want in which you earn More than you spend if you worry you Don't have to worry and if you don't Worry you need to worry still comes down Ultimately can you extract real wealth From your life can you extract Appreciation joy and gratitude out of Your life no matter what the hell is Happening around you if you have that You're going to be rich in your nothing To worry about then let's take care of The money Please help me welcome to the stage Stoney Thousand homes 40 000 participants and 136 countries give it up for everybody Around the world Experience design not for you to just be Okay this is about how to take back Control of your life it's about creating Life on your terms I want to help other People I want to say hey guys like Here's this opportunity about being here I've learned growth and contribution is What I need to be focused on they Attract everything yes well you and I Are working our tail off here and we're Gonna have a good time too and you're Making these changes we're going to be Helping other people as well I'm

Donating one and a half million meals And all of your names who came here to Make some lasting changes where you're Going to do whatever it takes to make it Happen say ah Welcome to business Mastery number two Business is a spiritual game you gotta Do more for others than anybody else if You are a giver if you over deliver and You manage your numbers you're gonna Prosper you're gonna build a brand You're going to expand April 21st of This year my business partner and I are Closing and selling just over 200 of Those houses for almost 80 million Dollars give them a hand ladies and Gentlemen that's incredible you said it Before the one Insight can make a total Change in everything I took eight bullet Points out of this event which has made Me over 25 million Ladies and gentlemen the combination of Knowing how to grow the business how to Make sure that value gets delivered to The value chain knowing how to negotiate Knowing to manage your numbers combine The opportunity gets greater Welcome to wealth Mastery 2022 you are Making history Have over 3 000 people here the next Four days from 99 countries around the World I love numbers and numbers love me I love numbers and numbers love me Success in life is 80 psychology 20

Mechanics when you own the psychology The rest is easy the goal is not to have The highest numbers the goal is to have The highest deepest quality of life Welcome to Leadership Academy 2022 leadership economy in the history Of Robin's research in the history of The world 62 different countries in this Room and over the next four days we're Gonna commit to mastering one of the Most important areas of life and that is Leadership the world in my opinion is Crying out for leaders and it's needed More than any time in the history of Mankind and it starts off by Leading Yourself out that's why you're here it's Not just what you're going to learn here And what you're going to do here that You can learn for yourself it's what You're going to do outside of here that Makes a difference Thank you for joining us and thank you For the privilege of allowing me to Enter your home of over 10 000 locations Going on here with about 12 000 people From literally 117 countries or so what If you and I started to have a new Belief and that belief was that Everything is happening for me not to me Oh yesterday then you said his Achiever's fatal flaw is that they're so Damn hard on themselves and I just Thought nothing has ever fully entered My body like this has let me ask the

Obvious question what could screw this Up the answer is only the mind not your Heart Not your spirit your mind is a judgment Tool and judgment is a useful thing to Use at times but you gotta be able to Take control of it so it isn't only Judging all the time if you want to Change the quality of your life you want To change your life there's only one way In order to have a lasting change and That is it you must raise your standards Turn your shoulds into must This is the largest flat adventure trip That has ever happened and so we are Here today to support hands for hunger And their their mission really is to end Hunger in the Bahamas and to ensure that Everybody has access to three nutritious Meals a day 2300 participants from around the world This is the most important event for you To have as a foundation our outcome is Not just to add more years to our life But how many of you want to add more Life to your years Welcome to not just life Mastery welcome To your life mastery These snacks three days have been Created by two of the greatest legends That this industry has ever seen that is Dean graziosi and Mr Tony Robbins Welcome to the world Summit the most Successful people are the people that

Don't know enough but they do it anyway So I want you to know you're living in The greatest time possible to do well in Winter the world is changing and the Fact of the matter is the world may Never go back to the way it used to be Instead of us wanting to go back instead Of us waiting for someone to save us how About we get out in front of it and Decide we know where the world is going And take ownership of it 2100 entrepreneurs all over the world in 68 countries but today we have something New on top of that so take a look we Have 750 people here our Platinum Partners and their guests we got live Anderson If business is about one thing find a Way to do more for others than anybody Else finding a way to add more what Add more value than anybody else in your Marketplace and if you do that you will Eventually dominate your job is to Become more valuable your job is to do More for others than anybody else is Doing in your area if you do it better Than anybody else and you do it Consistently you'll build a brand when You build a brand people get on their Needs and reach behind the other Products and get yours I I hit my goals and my goal was to take My mom that was dying on a jet because I Was gonna make enough money wow

My business after business Mastery grew A hundred and ten percent give her a Hand ladies and gentlemen wow I feel like I'm a strong single mama and I feel like she's thriving as a result And I'm showing her what a strong father But accolades Comes close to what it feels like when You do something completely unselfish Where they can't even say thank you Something it does to the soul You have your generosity Your willingness for your creativity And I know this will be just one more Moment in your life you can look back on And know that together we did something Really beautiful tonight There's an unbelievable gift in life That comes when you can step outside of Yourself no matter what your problems Are and find a way to help somebody else Who's got a more challenging time than Yourself we have a diversity of programs But the one unifying theme is we want to Help people that most Society has Forgotten if you care about those people Please join us in our mission to just Touch a life or two or ten or a thousand Or a million or more Know that life's not just about me it's About we That the secret to living really is Giving and that if you can take just a Little bit of your time in the midst of

Your own difficulties and help somebody Who's worse off the person who gets the Greatest gift always is yourself because We're made to give we're made to grow We're made to contribute Beyond Ourselves and that's what makes our life Meaningful Happiness Tony explained to me like I do I do that Cold punch every morning and every Morning I feel the same way I don't want To get in that plunge and I say you're Getting in that plunge who among the World's great teachers and thinkers let Alone Tony himself who I consider to be Like a Superman Christ figure a sort of Amalgam of inconceivable Testosterone-fueled potency and Ludicrous kindness now you're ready for You're ready for the real truth now so This program is about happiness Caught the spiritual program and no one Want to show up Hear it is where all comes from right It's this it's the spirit of your soul The spirit of your heart that makes you Happy it's not the external things as we All know this idea of fulfillment This idea of being able to find Happiness or even Joy it'll start with Acceptance and once you get to Acceptance you can find appreciation Once you find appreciation you can start To find something to actually Perhaps

Love or enjoy Or be grateful for and this week is About really touching upon that art so We can have that same level of clarity That same level of conviction that we Know how to manifest on the external and So happiness is really more of an Internal experience the beauty of it the Pain of it the loss of it and somehow That all fits under this umbrella called Life how beautiful is it to let go of All expectations transformation happens In our soul and heart not in our head Fear you no longer dominate me pleaser You're no longer dominated And even in the beginning of this Process when you said do you want to be Happy or special it was like I just want To be happy because when I wanted to be Special I needed significance I needed To be certain And it just pushed everything away and Now it's about growth it's about Contribution it's about being me and I'm Loving all that how does it feel to have Fear no longer dominate your decisions Incredible yeah when you get comfortable Inside yourself the deepest fear that You have that you're not enough and you Won't be left will disappear but the Fact that you're here the hunger you Have to be more do more give more share More you have sculpted Your Heart and Souls to get to a place in your life

That most people will never dream of and Yet you can still feel such unhappiness Unless you can get to this next stage Where you're happy because you're you Not because of what you do I think if You really took the time to see what you Come from To where you are now and you were an Outsider you'd be proud of that person How many would agree with that So take that in give her a hand Beautiful job What's beautiful you said beautiful so Many times because you said beautiful so Many times there's a language to Happiness there's a language to our Spirit that opens our heart to our own Truth never mind the external Through the night Ladies and Gentlemen let's welcome to The stage Pony We made it back in person ladies and Gentlemen This program was sold out two and a half Months in advance so we have 3 000 People around the world and 90 countries Attending their all on the walls how you Guys doing at home out there give it up For the people at home We've been so looking forward to serving You And we're excited I'm excited because I Know it's coming and you don't the most Powerful thing we can control is what we

Do here and here and so my goal with you This few days is having up the time of Your life wall you're mastering these Patterns like what makes you happy what Makes you angry what makes you excited What makes you passionate what makes you Decisive Whatever your pattern of focus is is What's controlling your life whatever Pattern of meaning is that's what's Controlling your life and if you don't Like your home we need more energy we Need some new emotions to put in there To shift it it's where you live Emotionally that determines the quality Of your life I don't want to be taken Care of I want to take care of I am a goddess of life and I can heal Anyone with my voice In you as you this is the real you Unfettered by limiting beliefs Unfettered by expectations this is Trading expectation for appreciation This is what it feels like appreciating What's already here inside you all that You felt all that we've had the Privilege to experience to love to enjoy It's not something you have to pursue It's already here You just have to get rid of the clutter In the mind come back to the truth Inside you Make the sound one more time go Down

We have 97 countries now in this virtual Room ladies and gentlemen six languages Being translated and we and we also have A thousand a thousand people here live Welcome to date with Destiny and for Some of you welcome home welcome back This is my 87th date with Destiny in 34 Years close my mind What we're dealing with we've always Dealt with in humanity is the things That shape us most the invisible forces Everything you think everything you say Everything you do everything you feel It's controlled by your beliefs and your Values and this week rather than just Continue to live with the ones we have We're going to uncover what they Actually are so when the times change It's critical that you change with them I'm going to just stop waiting to have It all figured out and just go for it And start taking bold Massive Action Embark on the journey The Greatest Adventure that I've ever had in my life The fastest way to change your life is Change your story because your story is Nothing but the narrative that you have About who you are it defines your Identity by what you've done what you're Doing where you're going because if you Change your store you change everything You gave us the beautiful gift of Master University online and my whole family Did it with me and Tony she does morning

Incantation she's rich in her own she She's never that's incredible that's Awesome so I can't thank you enough for What you've done for my family and for What you have done for this planet I'm Honored thank you very much thank you Because when we go home from here There's this Collective field the gift Isn't just our inner transformation the Gift is when we go home and somebody Hits our stuff Somebody does something that is Unexpected and we feel that tension or That resistance Building inside of us It's a remembrance that they're doing The best they can and they're innocent Just like me Just like you everybody is doing the Best they can and from that perspective You just show like the connectedness That's where we all meet in this Human Experience it's where we all meet in our Own innocence but in the gift of Recognizing that for another this is the Moment this this is what you've come for This is why we worked Around the Clock All to come to a moment where you my Dear friends Can choose your destiny by choosing Consciously what you're going to value For this next stage of your life what's Going to be most important to you not Assigned to you by someone else not Conditioned to by Society or your past

Bringing back your own 40 that God is Giving you the power to choose and Tonight we choose a new system an Enhanced system not a perfect one a Beautiful one One that will make us be even better Enjoy our life even more Perhaps contribute even more perhaps Have more freedom more joy more Playfulness more in love more gratitude A much greater quality of life

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